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Advertising Through Facebook Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Facebook Advertising? Does advertising on Facebook really work? That is the first question that pops up for someone who hasn’t realized the secret ingredient of successful digital marketers. Yes, Facebook advertising is a thing. This method of creating and running advertisements through Facebook can be highly successful. However, it isn’t a simple thing. Naturally, we have created this article to address the potential it holds.

So, why is Facebook Advertising a thing? It’s the social network that everybody abandoned when parents came aboard. Right?
Well, things aren’t that simple. The numbers don’t lie, and the numbers with Facebook indicate a userbase of over 2 billion active users monthly. Therefore, who is running these successful ads? Who is clicking on them? And, how can you get in on the action?
For you, we have detailed the answers to those questions and explained the crucial aspects of Facebook advertisements to guarantee your success. Also, we have provided some advertising on Facebook tips that will guide you in this article.

Why should you be advertising through Facebook?

First, the user base. As we mentioned earlier, Facebook has over 2 billion active users monthly. This is a staggering figure that shows Facebook is still very much alive. Combine this with the numbers for Facebook ads; then we get a large amount of paid ads for Facebook alone.
In perspective, one out of every $10 spent on advertisements, in general, is used for Facebook. This means that Facebook ads are a necessary investment for digital marketers.
Facebook is an excellent service to run your campaigns. In fact, advertising on Facebook vs Google shows how preferrable it is as a service. Google Adwords is a great tool for digital marketing.
But, for smaller businesses, Facebook has a higher potential for yielding better results. If you want to reach an audience, Facebook is your best bet. AdWords is expensive compared to Facebook. With AdWords, you sometimes find yourself paying upwards of $50 to $100 for a click. Even then, only a small percentage of those people will translate to leads. Most of them will stop using the site.
However, with Facebook ads that are connected to Instagram, you can guarantee the same amount of people that AdWords produced for a much lower amount. With the details on how advertising on Facebook works, you can get new clicks for a percentage of your AdWords fees.

Advertising through Facebook explained

Since Facebook registers users by collecting their information, these users are the perfect candidates for advertisements. When you register, you give them your Name, Location, Interests, Hobbies, Job, Friends, and all sorts of information. Facebook can easily use this to get an idea of what you are like.
As a result, you will begin to receive targeted ads. These are ads that are tailored to those interests you provided earlier. They can show you products you will like, events you may attend, sites you may visit.
This already makes Facebook a gold mine for targeted ads. But it gets better. For every activity you engage in, Facebook tracks them and updates your database to improve their targeted advertisements.
For example, I recently joined a Facebook group for Android Authority, a page that posts the latest news about Android OS and Smartphones. This is what a typical Facebook post looks like. At the bottom, the options to “Like,” “Comment” and “Share” are all present.

Advertising through Facebook
Typical Facebook Post

Now it may look like all Facebook posts are like the one above. However, some telltale signs give away a post that is an ad. With the image below, there is a “Sponsored” tag underneath the title of the page.
If you’ve seen this sort of post below, you’ll know that if you scroll down, there is a “Sign Up” button that is at the bottom. This sort of “Sign up” button or indication is known as a “CTA” or “Call to Action.” All advertisements have this sort of CTA to get you to interact with the page. Other CTA’s include “Learn More,” “Watch More,” “Download,” and a few others.
Keep this in mind to always know when an advertisement is placed before you.

Advertising through Facebook
Advertising through Facebook page

Why Facebook has the best advertisements

Advertising on Facebook for free is impossible. But, thankfully, the price is quite reasonable. So, it’s not as expensive as AdWords. But the next thing to find out is how they integrate the ads. Thankfully, Facebook ads have functional integration.
The main principle they follow is not to disrupt the flow of the user. This is why the image of a regular post and the image of an ad are very similar. The ads integrate so well that they appear to be regular posts to the untrained eye.
They don’t disrupt the flow of the user
This is a good design. How? Well, compare Facebook ads to YouTube, and you will understand what I mean. YouTube ads are fed forcefully to users. Many ignore these ads and wait for the “skip” button. With Facebook, users are more likely to engage with the advertisements they come across.
They have seamless integration and easy access
Furthermore, Facebook ads have a seamless integration, which means easy access to the contents of the ad. The CTAs guarantee this. Simple buttons that don’t kick users into the unknown, but rather, they indicate where the link will lead you.

How you can find success with Facebook Ads

Build a sales funnel

Now, for you to create successful ads on Facebook, you need to create a sales funnel. What is a sales funnel? Well, this is when you create a series of campaigns with different objectives.
By doing this, you will create campaigns that are specific to increase your brand awareness, others for nurturing and guiding your userbase. With a defined goal for each campaign, you will have a higher likelihood of converting them to leads.

Awareness and Consideration Campaigns

An awareness campaign is done to get people’s attention to your brand. This is typically to get an idea of your audience. These are generic ads that will get people to click on your website. For example, producing rich content that will make users laugh. Or content that will help them with a problem.
No matter how you go about it, you should keep in mind that this is to gain website traffic. Traffic that will eventually lead to a custom audience.
For example, if you search for “Best smartphones for power users” and you find a post that shows some good smartphones. You click the link and visit the website, navigate around it but don’t buy anything.

Where consideration comes in

Now, you weren’t converted to a lead, but you’ve given the website something valuable. User information and statistics. Your activity, such as parts of the site you visited and searches on the website will lead to a general sense of who you are for the website. Therefore, you will soon begin to see targeted ads based on how you navigated on your facebook feed.
That is just for one person, now imagine if you run awareness and consideration campaigns and achieve similar results for 10,000 users. You can get a general sense of your audience, run targeted ads based on their information and eventually begin to receive conversions.


For you to gain successful conversions, you use the leads from the earlier steps. You can also spice things up by advertising to facebook groups. Target those users you know are going to need your service. Since you already have their attention and traffic, you can experience a higher likelihood of converting these users to leads. They will also likely buy your product as well.

Advertising through Facebook
Gaining leads that eventually become customers

How these marketers found success with Facebook Ads

With advertising on Facebook statistics, these users have seen great results.


This apparel company aimed to increase the audience prospects to their site. Therefore, they launched a campaign that was targeted at their past users, product page visitors and users that abandoned a cart. With this information, their sales team was able to create dynamic ads that targeted these users. This resulted in increased revenue of a whopping 367.9% for the clothing company.


Halsbrook, a company with an e-marketing initiative was aiming to increase Facebook orders and lift conversions. Their userbase typically consists of loyal return buyers. To achieve this goal, they decided to begin creating dynamic remarketing ads to their userbase across Facebook. They achieved excellent results of a 293% increase in Facebook orders and a 42% conversion lift on Google.


We have devised an explanation of how advertising on Facebook works. Now, it is up to you, our users to apply these tips on advertising on Facebook for beginners to know how you can find success with it.
If you plan on advertising through Facebook, stick around, and ask any questions you may have. We will provide advice to help you.