Top 20 Best Pokemon Fan Games

Top 20 Best Pokemon Fan Games for Pokemon Big Fans

Over the past years, Pokemon fan games have captured the mind and hearts of many people. These fan-made pokemon games are known to offer players with consistent and addictive gameplay loop with many available creatures. The game developers have to be keen as they have to adhere to the specific structure of these pokemon fan games when releasing new entry.
It is something that has happened to major Pokemon games such that they appear at a wide range of demographic regions. These games are suitable for all ages and come from different backgrounds. Here are the best fan-made Pokemon games:
In 2020’s list of the best Pokemon fan games, it can’t end without this formidable entry of the Pokemon Insurgence game. The game has been created using the famous RPG Maker XP engine.
However, Pokemon Insurgence has also been developed by the famous developer of Pokemon Zeta and Omicron. The game is a brilliant type of Pokemon fan game worth trying.
When playing this game, it directs you to a new journey. The journey heads to a new location called the Torren region.
In the game, you have to travel around the world but ravaged by war. Additionally, remember that this game is full of worshiping cute, and they aim to dominate the whole place.

Pokémon Uranium

This game took a long time before it was released. However, after spending nine years through development, Pokemon Uranium was released in 2016. Since the release, the game has become among the most popular types of Pokemon fan games you will get today.
Pokémon Uranium
The gameplay has set in a region called Tandon. It comes with more than 150 original designs from Pokemon, but also using a new design called “Nuclear.”
At Pokemon Uranium, expect various changes. The games have structured mirrors from the official games. During the game, the players have to set off for them to get the eight gym badges and also win the Tandor League.
As you enjoy the game, you will encounter dangerous threat triggering nuclear meltdowns. That becomes a significant threat to the safety of Pokemon and humanity.

Pokémon Dark Rising

This type of Pokemon fan game is like the dark souls of the Pokemon. The game comes installed with challenging levels that will bump to 11. However, for you to proceed, you have to wipe out multiple times. Winning the game will take you to the gym leader.+
Pokémon Dark Rising
This is a Pokemon fan game that comes with an enticing storyline. About the story of this game, you start as a young Pokemon trainer while in the Core region. When you get asleep, the dream strangely comes to you. During that time, it’s when a stranger appears in your dream. That is how the Pokemon chooses you and wants you also to save it as you also save the world.
The game is enjoyable, although it leaves you hanging from its thread. This happens from the rival battles and random encounters.
As you start this game, you will come across different types of dragons.

Pokémon Ash Gray

If you feel nostalgic, what do you do? Pokemon Ash Gray is the type of Pokemon fan game that will activate your mood. This game takes you back to the area where everything started. In the game, you have to play the role of a protagonist.
Pokémon Ash Gray
The ROM game has been built at the top of Pokemon Fire Red. The path that you need to follow head to the Ash. In this game, you will also meet Brock, Misty, and Pikachu. They will help you to follow the story narrative up to Elite 4.
The game features strong enemies, gym battles, and redrawn maps. However, this game has been based on Fire-Red that will stimulate the Ash journey.
If you started playing this animated game when you were young, you already have a pleasant memory. You need to train Pikachu, and you will ward off the mean sparrows for you to enjoy this game.

Pokemon Fusion Generation

This is a fan game that comes with RPG Maker XP. It also consists of other Pokemon essentials. The game theme is based on the popular Pokemon series and has been developed with RPG Maker XP.
Pokemon Fusion Generation
The game features gameplay that is similar to its official series. However, this game comes with fakemon creation, which results from the fusion of existing Pokemon and Pokemon Fusions.
In this Pokemon game fan, the fusion theme will extend above Pokemon themselves. The great thing about the game is that it contains elements that have been existing in different Pokemon generations.
This game has mostly been set at Kanto, where generation I games were set. The player character in the elements comes from Generation III. However, this game chronologically has been set between two generations;  Generation II and IV.

Pokémon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix is back at the episodic fan game. The developer has made this game with RPG to play the role of Pokemon essential engine and Game Maker XP.
Pokémon Phoenix Rising
Pokemon Phoenix Rising is an essential game as it can make you happy. For example, for you to quench the adventure thirst, this is the best game to give you the experience.
The game story is in the Hawthorne region, a place of warfare. As you play the game, your main objective is to keep the peace. You can do that, but you have to bring back Ho-oh, who is a legend back to his life. Moreover, you have to ensure you harness the power of the region to ensure you’ve overcome the tyrannical ruler.
The game is well equipped with quest systems, elite PokeStrap, and sturdy skill trees. However, there are more new stories yet to discover in this game, such as unexplored towns.
As the developer continues to aim at releasing more episodes, this game pilot episode was first released in 2018. And now we wait for the next episodes.

Pokémon Reborn

Some games aren’t ROM-based, and one of them is this Pokemon Reborn fan game. This game differs from the other fan-made games as they are ROM hacks.
Pokémon Reborn
This game has a new platform that has been developed entirely using an RPG Maker XP. With this game, expect to have a higher customizable resolution, more lively colors, virtual worlds yet to discover and more than 50 hours to enjoy the game. The adventure of the game is at an acidic and smog-filled environment that brim with polluted water. In the region, the crimes are at a higher level, which makes the world fall apart near you. The best thing about the Pokemon fan game is that you play the role of a hero.

Pokémon Rejuvenation

Pokemon Rejuvenation is among the best Pokemon games online. The set comes from the developers who have also developed Pokemon Reborn and bears the same features.
This Pokemon fan game comes with a captivating storyline. The storyline is plotted in the Aevium region, which is a strong united nation. This region became devastated when the time storm-9 calamity took place.
However, the people of this state have tried to rebuild their region after restoring peace in their homeland.

Pokémon Clockwork

Pokemon Clockwork is the best Pokemon download. This game comes featured with Pokemon Essentials, giving you the ability to enjoy.
The storyline of this Pokemon game is where you travel across the Rosari region but in the rural area. Here, humans and Pokemon live together in harmony.
When playing this Pokemon game, you have a role that comes from the legendary Pokemon known as Celebi. Celebi has been there for long, and he will caution you about the coming danger, which is expected from Epsilon’s mystifying team. The team might devastate their region.
The mission is to ensure you put off the attempts that might result from Team Epsilon, and no evil plan should occur.
As a Pokemon lover, you’ll feel happy to learn that this fangame features the Pokemon four generations. It has also come with numerous unique features such as time travel mechanics, quest system, gameplay rebalancing, active Pokemon revolutions, new moves, and day/night cycle. All the features may occur at the battle.

Pokémon Fire Ash

Pokemon Fire Ash, one of the best Pokemon games with customizable ROM-hack. The game focus on various exploits, which are from the Pokemon series.
As you enjoy to play this game, you have got an objective which is to control Ash. At that time, you’re also making preparations for a mission because you have to conquer Indigo League to make him develop and become Pokemon master.
The good thing about this game is that it allows you to travel across various regions found in the Pokemon Fire Ash history. Besides, you will also challenge 50 gym leaders and other travel rivals.
The other good thing with the game is you will find a catalog having many unique Pokemon that are from the 1st to 7th Generations. There is also an expansion allowing you for Mega-Evolutions, Alolan Pokemon forms, and Cameo role.

Pokémon Zeta and Omicron

The creative team that developed Pokemon Insurgence is responsible for this fan game development, Pokemon Zeta, and Omicron. In this fan game, you’re against Team Odin and Team Asgard. Your objective is to ensure the Teams have stopped using Pokemon as their gods. This game is of another level.
The game has associated other characters from the old gamers, but you can enlist the Generation 1-5 Pokemon to be against the Team Odin.
These games are in a public beta. They use the RPG Maker and therefore played on PC without the need of an emulator.
Pokémon Prism
Pokemon Prism is among the most played Pokemon fan games. This fan game comes with a ROM-hack crystal.
When you play this game, the adventure starts as the prism. You play the role of the son or daughter of a renowned Dragon-trainer called Lance. So, you play the game inside a mine wagon, but it unexpectedly continues to lose control. Moreover, it continues to propel you down with unfamiliar track.
You can also emerge into an unexplored area called Naljo district. As a Pokemon fan, you will feel happy as the game comes with a mixture of Generation 1-4 and other mini-games

 Pokémon Sage

This Pokemon Sage game is a top-rated type of game this year that you should play. The initial launching of this Pokemon game was from a joint gaming project but crafted with its unique setting.
This game has become popular, and the game developers have created a full demo from their new creatures.
The storyline of this Pokemon fan game is played in the Uroboros. The region is a Latin American-inspired area. While playing the game, you should go to a new voyage where you have to develop yourself and become a pokemon master.

Pokémon Light Platinum Version

This is a new version of the Pokemon fan game. It’s a ROM hacker game whose storyline is based on ruby and packs. In the game, you have to earn 16 gym badges, play to reach world championship, and battle in Pokemon leagues.
After playing all official Pokemon games, this game is different, as it gives you a classic Pokemon experience. This game, Pokemon light platinum, is among the best games that Pokemon has spawned.

Pokémon Mega Adventure

The Pokemon game is based on a single fan’s love letter. The theme of the game is about combat and has a minimal story that is between the battles. At this game, you need to collect 721 Pokemon for you to be a Pokemon master and win the champion.
A single person has developed Pokemon Mega Adventure. So, your expectations for this game are to be a basic one? But the good thing it’s already a finished game, and a rare one in the community. If you are a fan of Pokemon battles, then this game is for you to play.

Pokémon Reborn Dusk Edition

Pokemon Reborn Dusk Edition is a Pokemon game that offers you with multiplayer experience. However, the game developed has followed the traditional Pokemon formula.
This game features competitive trainer gameplay as it comes with a 50,000 level limit. Here, you don’t focus on being a Pokemon master, but a Pokemon God.

UnovaRPG Pokémon Online

In the family that consists of Pokemon MMO games, this is a unique fan game called UnovaRPG Pokemon Online. The game is using the old Pokemon Indigo platform, and the player can play online from the browser. The best thing is that this game is on the list of Pokemons games for Android. So, you not only play at your PC but also your smartphone.
The game is also a good start for Pokemon Fix as it has an active and friendly community. The game has more than 10,000 registered players. In this game, you have to team up or even fight against each other, but you need to collect more than 800 Pokemon.

Pokémon MMO 3D

For most Pokemon fan games for android or PC, they are ranked in the 2D category. However, this game, Pokemon MMO 3D, is among the top-ranked 3D fan games worth playing.
This game comes with fascinating gameplay. When at the battle, you can control all the movements and attacks that your Pokemon can cause. However, each move is different from the other. It comes with a cooldown, and it’s where you can run away after you become weak.


This is a Pokemon game that comes in 2D form. The original version of this game had some limitations on the Kanto and Hoenn regions. Through updates within the years, this game has been able to expand its offerings and has featured the Sinnoh region, which is extracted from Generation 4.
In this game, you have to take a tremendous challenge, and you should defeat the region’s gym leaders, champions, and Elite four. Besides, the players have to trade, battle, and create teams to play against other players online.
The way this game work is fascinating. For example, at the Battle, the player gets direct control of pokemon’s attacks and movements. In each move, there is a cooldown. The player also gets a chance to flee from the encounter willingly, after they feel like fainting.

Pokémon Godra

The reason why there are many ROM hacked Pokemon fan games, is to ensure the developer has utilized more Pokemon characters instead of trainer development. For this game, Pokemon Godra, it is trying to leap. In this game, you can, therefore, lead a life when you’re not in the gym.
The game comes with a series of career paths that have been set for a trainer. In the war, you battle against a military general, the war party leader, safari zone warden, and others.
This game has span generations of Pokemon, but others come with different quests and storylines you can also enjoy from Godra.
Pokemon FAQ
Is it possible to play the Pokemon game on Android?
Yes. But it will depend on the fan game. For most Pokemon fan game developers, they always have PC in their minds. Such kind of games aren’t accessible to android users.
However, with some GBA emulators work, they run perfectly on Android and are among the best Pokemon fan games.
Where can I get the best types of Pokemon ROM hacks?
The best Pokemon ROM hacks will depend on various things. Some ROM hacks will add extra Pokemon, and others remake the game.
Do you think Pokemon Phoenix Rising is finished?
No. This is among the fan-made Pokemon games under development. The existing content is, therefore, what you should look at.
The Bottom Line
There are many fan-made Pokemon games. However, others are still under development. This makes the cycle for updates or new releases to be constant. For developers, they know that the time they take to develop, rearrange, or craft the game is meticulous. But thousands of these developers are making it possible for the love of the game. That gives enough reason why you also need to enjoy the fan made Pokemon games.
Everyone loves something different, and that brings to the different types of fan-made Pokemon games. Some are impatient with releases, but you don’t have to worry, the best-spoken fan-made Pokemon games are coming!