AI robotics and the future of Jobs

Artificial Intelligence is nothing new. It’s been a while since machines have been replacing human workers. Ever since the 4th Industrial Revolution, gradually robots are replacing human jobs. This evolution happened gradually over time. Our topic today is Robotics and Future Jobs. What are the future jobs they provide?

Artificial Intelligence on the rise?

With time, robots will change everything. Let’s talk about history first. Robots took away agricultural jobs first. Then some hand skill jobs like weaving. It has somewhat of an impact on these workers. Moreover, it took over the mass production industries. Nowadays they are in clerical jobs too.

With the advancement of robotics, many jobs have been stolen. Moreover, many have been created as well. In a lot of industries, there is a huge demand for human workers now too. Therefore, it’s only right to say that robots aren’t destroying all the jobs. They are creating too.
However, with the rate of advancement increasing day by day, it also poses a threat that jobs just might be stolen. They can be a threat to human jobs. Moreover, with an increase in jobs, there’s some threat to our economy as well. An increase in machine capabilities and a decrease in robots cost can prove to be quite chaotic.

According to past research, it has been shown that robots might take over 30% of the jobs by the 2030s. This is quite likely to happen by 2030. This research might prove to be a universal truth by time. With that said, countries are trying to set some economic standards along with the use of robots. So they might fix this problem as well.


Sound Research about Robots

Let’s be real. If a job has the potential to be run by automated machines. It doesn’t essentially mean that it’s going to be replaced by robots. Therefore, it’s not confirmed. A lot of economic, political, and international issues can prove to be blockage of the use of automation in the world. Moreover, there are a lot of circumstances that can block the promotion of robots all over our world.

With an estimated analysis, it’s expected that roughly 20% of existing UK jobs will be replaced by AI and Robotics.  All this will take more than 20 years to roughly effect 20% too. However, China has a greater risk to fall under the AI and Robotics. There’s a higher risk in the Manufacturing and Agriculture industries. This is the truth of Robotics and Future Jobs.

Robots will create jobs

A WEF report says that Robots will take away 75 Million Jobs in the future. This seems pretty absurd, isn’t it? But also, it will create 133 million more jobs. Now that’s a big gain for us. Therefore, it’s a balance between humans and robots. We are more in advantage though. As we will have a gain of 58 million more jobs.

This topic has always been a pretty touchy subject. Some people say that robots will destroy jobs. While some say that it will create jobs. The truth is, both parties are true. Robots will create and take away jobs. This is the truth. But the scope of the area it will do will be different. So who suffers? Let’s get to the point.

Middle-Class People

Many people and many reports believe that only low-class jobs will be affected by this rise. But I think it’s only partly true. This is because middle-class jobs will be hurt too. Many roles that were considered safe are not safe anymore.

Accountants, Lawyers, Analysts, Managers, Administrators, and secretory jobs will be in danger too. In the next five years, we might be able to see these roles taken care of by the robots. Manual Assembly industry will also take a huge hit on them. Robots will probably take away many people’s job there.

Not to mention, many drivers will also lose their jobs. Autonomous cars and other vehicles will make people lose their jobs. In my opinion, the drivers will be in most pain by AI and Robotics. This is because driving is the most common profession for people living anywhere.
Data Analysts will also take some damage from AI too. However, this is just the future talk. All technical stuff like data mining, AI, Robotics, digital transformation experts. There’s a chance that everything will be replaced by AI in this application of Computer Science.
The majority of data processing will be done using AI and Robotics. Therefore, the future is all technology.

Robotics and Future Jobs

Robotics and Future Jobs

Several studies say that AI will impact our world pretty soon. It will impact almost all aspects of our lives. Teleportation, Education, Medical, Home services. Everything will be changed with the power of AI and Robotics. Therefore, with all these advancements, it’s pretty much possible that there will be another big revolution in our industry.

The sole concept of Artificial intelligence is making machines intelligent. All activities performed by scientists are in favor of improving AI and Robotics day by day. The main focus of using robots is that robots will become so artificially strong that they will be pretty much aware of everything going around them.

Some people still think that AI is like science fiction humanoid vs Human. But that concept is pretty much wrong too. Anything that helps human beings in doing their work easily is a robot. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence, these robots become strong. Due to all the coding and complex algorithms, they are put through. Therefore, ever-increasing trends and advancements in AI are rapidly evolving in many industries like medical, transportation or even education. It has such a positive effect on all these fields.

The future workspace will be revolving all-around power of AI and Robotics, Therefore, we can expect a huge rise in every field there is. From Education to medical, robots will prevail.

Everything will be changing. The main thing will be our thinking. Robots will make us think for once that how can we make our industry better with them. Therefore, robotic and future jobs are a good combination.

Impact of Robotics and Future Jobs in Labor

Machines are replacing manual labor. All these traditional ways of performing many tasks are done by machines now. This is because robots are more efficient and precise wus in doing their work. AI is changing how we do our jobs. Many industries are being changed with the rise of AI. Therefore it’s changing the general structure of everything.

Many researchers believe that robots will go on as far as to change the systems of libraries, retail stores, subways and many more. Along with their work, robots are impacting human workers too. Therefore, it should not be overlooked by any means.

Some people, on the other hand, believe that robots will lead to mass unemployment. This can be hazardous. However, different studies had shown different results. Some studies say that robots will replace jobs and they are a threat to our economy. While some other says that they won’t. But a pew research study has shown us that roughly 20% of the workspace will be taken over by robots in roughly two decades.
While these numbers don’t look a lot. It’s a lot of people. But in addition to this.

Robots will create many more jobs too. A lot of people will have to develop new skills for this purpose. This is because when a new technology rolls out, there should be people to operate it. The same is the case with robots. We need to develop the real skill to operate these robots. History does agree that robots and automation will take away several jobs. But also, it will give us so many other jobs that we won’t be able to handle them all.

The Truth

New responsibilities will rise on the surface. People will need to develop their skills as robotic operators. Therefore, many other people believe that with the rise of AI, many other jobs will be created. The jobs in which we will have to develop the skills of AI.
Let me say something real. Our jobs won’t be stolen. They’ll simply be transformed. A whole new domain for programming will be there for us. Programmers would need to put their creativity into work for this purpose. Moreover, automation involves teaching machines various skills. Such as, decision making and some other skills.

Today, all companies are making decisions about whether to take AI in their company or not. The truth of the matter is that AI will help in skyrocketing most of the companies. Therefore, it’s a happy addition in a companies domain.
Therefore, let’s talk about how AI will change various fields and the economy of a country.

Transportation Field

Robotics and future of jobs
Transportation with Robots

In this modern age, AI has become one of the most important fields for working. In the past, we’ve seen a whole lot of improvements made in the world of Artificial Intelligence. There have been countless new technologies made with the use of AI. Therefore, it’s no surprise that AI is slowly landing into the industries day by day.

One of the major impacts it made was in the transportation industry. But how will it help the transportation industry? Let’s find that out.

1. Improve Public Safety

Using the power of AI, we can help to aid police in finding a criminal. With real-time data tracking, it’s possible. AI can help to predict unpredictable events. This will surely improve the safety of people traveling in a public transport vehicle.

2. Improve Pedestrian Safety

Applications of AI can surely help in improving the pedestrian’s safety. This is because if we teach this autonomous vehicle path of the pedestrian. It will surely minimize the risk of accidents. These injuries could be fully stopped using the power of AI and Robotics.

3. Improve Traffic Rules

As of now, traffic is one big problem. People break the rules of traffic a lot. Therefore, with the use of AI and robotics, it’s possible to eliminate the whole risk of people breaking traffic rules. Moreover, it will help beat the congestion of traffic. Every year in India, several million dollars are lost due to this heavy traffic.

With the implementation of AI, this problem can be easily solved. Some of these systems are already in use. Automation is closer than we think it is. Therefore, we all hope to see a big evolution in the automated industry.

4. Self Driving Vehicles

Ever since Elon Musk and Uber, self-driving vehicles are a thing. Companies are trying their best to improve their AI in cars. This is because AI in Vehicles is one of the biggest technology we see. Driverless cars are pretty cool.
More advancements are promised too. Robotics and Future Jobs are pretty bright as we see. Self-automated vehicles will also increase the level of productivity companies have now.

All in all, the future of transportation in AI is pretty bright. In the future, we hope to see even bigger advancements in the world of AI. All the levels of automation should be rolled out in different vehicles. Hence, the automated industry will be more organized in the future.

Health Care Robotics and Future of Jobs

Let’s talk about some of the medical robots that are changing robotics and future jobs. The rise of robots isn’t necessarily new. It’s been rising since the day robots were made. With the passage of time, everything is changed. Today, the world has changed the way we do stuff.
AI and robotics in healthcare could change the whole game of medical fields. Medical hospitals could get a lot of profit with the use of AI. Robots can prove their efficiency by taking over administrative or repetitive tasks. Even today, robots are playing an active role in the world of Medical fields. So let’s talk about how it’ll change robotics and future jobs.

Surgical Assistant Robotics and Future of Jobs

Surgery is the fastest-growing field in the world of medicine. Robots like Da Vinchi Systems have already proven itself to be worth it. These systems are the best example of how AI should be in the world of medicine.

These technologies assist surgeons in their jobs. Various surgeries require a lot of focus and attention. These robots can do a great job in assisting the surgeon with his surgery. Therefore, this gives the surgeon a large amount of control over the surgery itself. Also, giving them greater skills to do their jobs.

But here’s the thing. In medicine, robots aren’t supposed to replace us. They care support to assist us with their awesome technology.

Pharmacy Robots

The job of a pharmacist is pretty hard. They have to do a lot of repetitive tasks such as packing. These tasks take a great toll on their bodies. Therefore, people get bored doing these repetitive tasks. Now here’s what robots can help us with.
Robots can read and write data that is sent from hospitals. Therefore, prescribing medicines and other stuff is pretty suitable for robots. Moreover, robotic arms can help pack medicines. Even collecting and labeling them is not a problem.

Robots will also scan these medicines. In addition to scanning, they will also store a large number of medicines with ease and precision. Therefore, the use of robots in the pretty vial in the world of medicines.

These advancements must seem a lot exciting to you. But the truth is that as of now robots haven’t replaced humans in pharmacy. Assistance would be a great deal for us. Therefore, pharmacy is another field where robots are actively playing a great role.

Future of Healthcare

The potential of Robots in Healthcare is very mind-blowing. A lot can be done with just the use of this awesome technology. Robots are changing the way we work even in healthcare. Advancements in robots will surely make it even more usable and great doing all these repetitive tasks. Robots and future jobs are bright I’d say. They are not going to place us by any means.

Robots are mean to assist us otherwise. As good as this might seems, robots still aren’t replacing us anytime soon. This is because nobody wants to risk their life having surgery or other operations by robots. As for now, robots are just good for doing repetitive tasks. But surely, the future is bright. AI and Robots are still at an early stage. They are under development. At this rate, we can expect a whole lot from robots in the future. I look forward to what kind of futuristic technology will robots bring in the world of medicine.

Robotics and Future of Jobs in Education

We are all concerned about this part of the robots, education. We all want to see what robotics will bring in the future for us. Robots can bring a lot on the table for us. Therefore, it has the potential to change the future of education and learning for us.

In the present era, robots are still helping patients of Autism for their treatment. At least temporarily. So, are robots the future of education?  Robots cannot essentially replace robots but they are still helpful in boosting the learning skills of the children. Therefore, it’s a pretty vast field to look forward too.

Won’t get Tired

Robots never get tired of what they are doing. This is one of the biggest significance of using robots. They never run out of patience. This will decrease the stress that most of the teachers exert on children. Students can take all their time to learn different things. They can learn it at their pace.
Robots will never make them feel pressurized and it won’t ask them to do all of their stuff quickly. They can learn whatever they want with ease.

On Par with Students

Robots can be programmed to work according to a student’s level of learning. This will increase the productivity and learning pace of a certain student. This is quite a difficult task even for most of the teachers.


Robots are pretty rhetoric. They can make us stuff we never intended to do. Therefore, robots can help students in learning various types of education. Giving them motivation and engaging them in doing a lot of stuff. This is the type of power robots have.
Also, robots are making this world a better place. In every perspective of life, it’s improving everything.

Future of Robots in Education

Within the next ten years, VR headsets may be used in learning and in teaching education to people. It’s an inexpensive yet solid solution for students. Anyone can effectively learn anything through the use of the internet today.
However, with greater technology, comes greater risk. Children under the age of 18 should not be allowed to use Vr headsets for a long time. This is because, at that age, our mental health can be affected by the use of this tech. It could interfere with the normal working of the brain.
Therefore, we must use robots and other technologies with most care. Robotics and the future of us are bright.


In conclusion to all this, robotics and the future is a pretty vast topic. We can only assume things here based on several researchers. But who knows what our future will bring along for us at this point. It’s better to be careful in every field of life.
Robots bring a bright future along with them. This is because they work hard with ease and precision. But several threats come accordingly too. Robotics Engineers are trying their best to make AI in Robots to act more like humans. They are designing robots to feel and act more like humans. Every little component is handled with care. Their skin, hair, and everything is implemented to make them feel more like humans and less like robots.