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Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Amazon Affiliate Facebook Advertising

As a blogger in 2019, you should strive to earn money from a variety of sources. This way, you will have a stable income compared to acquiring from blogging only. Therefore, Amazon Affiliate Facebook advertising and marketing is an excellent way for you to make money. You can make money from promoting the products that you genuinely like and use. Or, you can support the products that are beneficial to your audience. With Amazon Associates, you can promote and earn money through your favourite products on Amazon. It is a top-rated service that leads to the success of a business.

Amazon Associates also can reach a larger potential audience than using your website alone. Amazon affiliate Facebook ads and Facebook have a network dedicated to advertising that helps with your promotions to ensure you reach a broad audience. This could result in higher conversion rates and leads. However, there are some essential things to note. Before you begin adding affiliate links to your site, you should know Facebook’s affiliate network rules and guidelines.

An unknown tip with recent updates to Facebook’s Affiliate Networking rules is that you should test a variety of images. The images on your ads determine the ones with a higher click-through rate (CTR). It could be different variations of the picture, but the CTR is what is essential. Therefore, ensure you test for the most viable one.

Amazon Affiliate Facebook Advertising
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How to use Amazon Affiliate Facebook Advertising? Best practices and steps to follow

With Facebook, you should be ready for changes in the way things work. The terms that govern promoted content and advertisements face frequent revisions. As a result, when new sponsored and branded content is developed, the way you implement affiliate links has to change as well.

Because of this, you should keep track of these changes to avoid getting lost with the market or finding yourself in trouble with Facebook. Consequently, you should have a versed understanding of the steps and processes that are best for your success with Facebook and Amazon.
Your actions should be within the guidelines provided by Facebook and Amazon. This, in turn, will help you with making money and generating tactics to increase your income.

Below are some essential steps worth taking to be adequately prepared for getting involved with affiliate marketing.

You can also post on Business and Personal Pages

Luckily, Facebook and Amazon both have good Terms of Service that allow users to post their affiliate links to both their personal profiles and business pages. However, if you have other affiliate networks other than Amazon, this might not be the case.
Therefore, you should check the TOS of the network. With that said, it will be allowed in most cases; therefore, just ensure to avoid an easily avoidable issue.

A great way to increase your influence and reach is by sharing your post to your personal profile. Posting on your business page is great, but it’s also an excellent way to reach an audience. When you do this, they know you genuinely believe in what you are advertising with your personal page. Affiliate marketers also do this with their affiliate links to let their friends and family share and increase the traffic to a business page. This is a great way to get an increase in likes, shares, comments, this, in turn, increases the conversions gained from affiliate links.

Essential Rules to note with Amazon Affiliate Facebook Advertising

Amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook will increase your affiliate sales if you can add your links in a manner that is easy and suitable to access. However, Amazon does not allow users to promote Facebook posts that contain Amazon Affiliate links.
Substantially, you can add Affiliate links in your regular Facebook posts. However, you cannot add Affiliate links to Facebook ads and sponsored content.

As a result, many affiliate marketers make use of Facebook ads to promote their website’s content that will contain affiliate links. This is allowed because direct affiliate links aren’t being advertised. Consequently, adding direct links to a product on Amazon’s website and promoting such links with Facebook Ads can result in your exit of the Amazon Associates Program.

On some other Affiliate networks, you could be allowed to promote affiliate links through Facebook Ads. Facebook will enable you to post affiliate links to regular posts. But, there are still necessary guidelines to follow that allow you to do this. These guidelines generally don’t let the promotion of illegal and dangerous products.

Amazon Affiliate Facebook Advertising
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How you can Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Create Image Galleries

Pictures on Facebook have a high tendency to receive a lot more traffic than simple text posts. This is for a simple psychological reason; people tend to pay attention to something out of the norm. Texts are easy to overlook, but images are eye-catching and more visible.
It’s even better when you have an image gallery of appealing and visible images of the products that you are promoting. After this, you should add a vivid description and review of the product. Consequently, you can follow this with an affiliate link to the product.
However, you should ensure your page and profile don’t seem shady or look like a scam.

Make Video Reviews and Provide Links to the Products

When you create video reviews, you add variety to the nature of your Facebook posts, which is suitable for your content. As a result, this will give you a good chance of attracting a broader audience. Therefore, you should add some videos to your Facebook page.
Video content is a great way to engage an audience. If you have tutorials and reviews that are focused on the products in your affiliate market, you can promote your affiliate links more successfully.

In the text areas of your review page, you should place your affiliate links to the products reviewed or posted a video about. You could also add a comment in your post with the affiliate link. Because Amazon’s affiliate links Facebook ads together, this, in turn, will help increase your reach and engagement.

Add your Business Posts to your Personal Profile

When you create posts that have affiliate links to your business page, you should practice the habit of sharing those posts on your personal page. That way, your friends and family members will help in increasing the engagement on your posts.
This will affect the reach of your posts. Therefore, encourage them to encourage users to share, like and comment. You can also get in the habit of getting your friends and family to support your endeavours by encouraging them to share your posts weekly.

Provide links to your blog content on Facebook

It’s within the rules of Facebook and Amazon that you shouldn’t post an ad on an ad. Therefore, you should aim to provide and promote your blog content with the affiliate links within the blog post.

As a result, you should promote your post on your Business Page and your personal profile. With this, you shouldn’t just share the link and expect users to know its value. When you provide meaning behind the links, you can receive a higher reach with your posts.
Within your Facebook content, give a quick and concise explanation of the contents of your new blog post. Also, provide its value to your audience and how the products in your article will benefit them. Provide links to your blog post within your Facebook content for your users to gain quick access.

Create a Group on Facebook dedicated to Conversations and Links

When you have Facebook groups, you can gain a tendency to have your audience increase engagement compared to pages. However, you should note the importance of a Facebook page to your business. For increased engagement, you can create a group dedicated to your followers that are well invested in your industry. Facebook Groups is a well-designed feature that is great for encouraging conversations and engaging with your audience.

As the admin of the page, you can also let them get to know you better and increase your trustworthiness.
By doing this, you will have an easier time promoting products through your affiliate links to the users that are interested in them. With this, you can endorse those users with the expertise you have developed. As a result, you can have conversations that help users learn how and why to use those products.

Amazon Affiliate Facebook Advertising
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Amazon Affiliate Facebook Advertising is a great way to combine two effective digital marketing strategies. When you follow the procedures for these platforms, you will find success with their features. However, you should always have transparency with your audience and use of affiliate links to remain within the regulations and terms of service of these websites.