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Top 10 Best Ergonomic Keyboards For Mac in 2021

When you are a Mac user, don't waste your time & energy by using an ordinary keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard is the best option for you. It offers you the best typing speed with health safety.
When you are a Mac user, don't waste your time & energy by using an ordinary keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard is the best option for you. It offers you the best typing speed with health safety.

If you are a Mac user, don’t waste your time & energy by using an ordinary keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard is an excellent option for you. It offers you the perfect typing speed with health safety. When you need to press any daunting command, it will be your better friend from the marketplace. You can choose the perfect design for you from those various ergonomic layouts & features.

Why should you use an Ergonomic Keyboard?

The keyboard is an input device to save your time & health if you are able to use the perfect shape keyboard for you. You are spending $90 for a keyboard or $5000 for tunnel surgery. Which one do you prefer?  So the question is, why should we use an ergonomic keyboard?

The excellent thing about this keyboard is the quick response to any other ordinary keyboards. Just a light touching can provide you with a fast response while you are typing or providing any command.

The typing position will save your money with energy. No need to place your hand strictly. To decrease the stress level with a flexible wrist position, you can use this keyboard. The first time the user may feel odd due to those odd layouts.V shape with avoiding the straight rows of the keys is designed to enjoy the extreme comfort of a user who is going to use this keyboard for a long time.

After a long time examination, the manufacturer invented this design keyboard thinking about all facilities of a user. The front side of this keyboard is slightly sloped than the backside to have a gradient degree experience. No need to follow the straight wrist position with cupped hands.

The principle of 101 is the main reason to make it special. The divided parts of the keyboards are very easy & comfortable to stay connected for a long time. That’s why this will help you to control the stress level & will cure your wrist of carpal tunnel signs. So the medical experts also support this keyboard design & features. This will give you a natural feeling.

We always find a good sitting posture to relax. Otherwise, we don’t feel better within a few minutes. But this keyboard can help you to have a good time & also help to increase the typing speed. Proper placing will make you mentally relax so the typing speed ultimately will be high.

Considering all the above features one should select this ergonomic keyboard to lead a healthy life with many more features. From my point of view, every kind of user can use this keyboard. For being used to this layout, you may take time.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Mac

Our Selected Top 10 Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Mac

Brand & Model Price
Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard For Mac Check Latest Price on Amazon
Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Split RGB Keyboard Check Latest Price on Amazon
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Check Latest Price on Amazon
GoldTouch GTU-0088 Check Latest Price on Amazon
Kinesis Advantage2 Check Latest Price on Amazon
Microsoft Natural 4000 Check Latest Price on Amazon
Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo Check Latest Price on Amazon
MoKo Universal Foldable Ultra-thin wireless keyboard Check Latest Price on Amazon
Perixx Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard Check Latest Price on Amazon
LexonElec@ V1 Keyboard Mouse Combo Check Latest Price on Amazon

Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard For Mac

The kinesis freestyle 2 is a perfect and best selling ergonomic keyboard for mac on our list. This keyboard comes with a 9-inch separation, and this device has a lot of stuff going on. With an easy to use design, you can expect typing to be great and comfortable.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard For Mac

Features & Details

There is a lot of stuff going on with this one. Let’s talk about the details one by one.

Award-Winning Split Keyboard

Most of the keyboards are fixed. It means that you cannot divide them and separate them. But, with this particular keyboard, you can expect great modular design. Thus, making it a tremendous modular keyboard. For the natural hand movement, this keyboard can have a 9-inch separation. It makes the wrist and arms position more stable.

It follows the standard MAC layout.

One of the biggest pro with this keyboard is that it follows the traditional MAC keyboard layout. Hence, you will be able to switch to this keyboard easily. All your keys and stuff should follow according to the ones on MAC.

High-Quality Membrane Switches

With the use of custom membrane switches, the activation force is very little. So when you are typing itself will be easier for typing. You won’t have to exert a crazy amount of force just to use this keyboard.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • Good price ( Worth it)
  • A Flexible Design
  • Smooth key switches
  • Standard MAC layout


  • Lack of modern design

Aside from a not-so-modern design, the keyboard provides the perfect flexibility with some of the ideal features you can find until this date. This keyboard is flexible, has an excellent price range, follows the standard MAC layout with plug and play feature, and the switches are tactile and work with a small activation force.

Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Split RGB Keyboard

If you are looking for an RBG ergonomic keyboard for your mac, then it will be perfect for you. This keyboard has a lot of cool stuff going on. It comes with tremendous RGB colors and Cherry MX RED switches. Being a mechanical keyboard, it’s ideal for fast-paced Gaming. With the overall aesthetically pleasing design, it comes with a heavy price range too.

Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Split RGB Keyboard
Features & Details

  • Cherry MX Red Switches

This keyboard has Charry MX switches known for Gaming while keeping minimal resistance. So with this keyboard is just ideal for gamers and designers. Fast-paced action and shooting games will portray you as an overpowered player in the game.

  • Durable Keyboard

It has a double shot backlit that is highly resistant to friction, temperature, and solvents. These key shapes will help you in having an overall comfortable typing experience.

  • Multiple LED RGB

The keyboard has 9 multiple modes of LED RGB keys. With these backlit keyboards, Gaming and stuff isn’t even a problem. These modes include Ripple mode, Aurora mode, Rain Drop mode, Breathing Mode, Wave mode.
Equipped with many features, you can expect the superior experience from this one.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • Cherry MX switches
  • Gaming Friendly and Colorful Backlit RGB keyboard
  • 9 Multiple Modes LED RGB
  • Fully Split Keyboard


  • The price range is on an expensive side.

Aside from a high price range, you can expect an upscale design and features too. This gaming keyboard is making everything easier for a gamer. Moreover, even if you are a typist, you will benefit from this excellent keyboard.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

A unique keyboard on our list is this Microsoft’s Sculpt keyboard. This keyboard is mainly focusing on business, you won’t enjoy Gaming on this one. You still get a lot of benefits from this keyboard. Comfort is the main focus of this keyboard.

best Ergonomic Keyboard

Split Keyset Design

While not modular like some other keyboards on our list, this keyboard has an excellent design to have your wrists positioned in a way where you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Palm Rest

Mainly focused on the comfort zone, you also get an excellent palm rest. It will provide you a neutral wrist position that will ultimately help you in being relaxed while typing.

Separate NUMPAD

Microsoft’s Sculpt has a separate NUMPAD for better flexibility reasons and good workspace setup. This way, you will have a rather minimal setup while still having that good old NUMPAD in your arsenal.

Natural Layout

This keyboard has a natural layout. It means that the keyboard matches the natural shape of our fingertips, making everything easier. Your fingers will be typing in the most natural way possible. Microsoft aimed to make this keyboard as natural to humans as possible.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • A great design
  • Cushioned Palm Rest
  • Natural Layout
  • Separate NUMPAD


  • The design is non-modular.
  • Not suitable for Gaming.

Aside from the cons like non-modular design and the gaming factor, this keyboard is an absolute beast. You can expect the perfect comfortable design with this particular one. Coming with the design that will make you feel a lot relaxing, the price range is even less. An overall affordable device with one of the best hand feels it’s a recommended one.

GoldTouch GTU-0088

Goltouch GTU-0088 is one of the top-notch keyboards. This keyboard has a lot more going on. It is adjustable from 0-30 degrees both horizontally and vertically to your liking. Moreover, you get a soft key touch coupled with low activation more. It reduces the risk of pain and discomfort.
GoldTouch GTU-0088

  • Flexibility

This keyboard provides you with a lot of flexibility. You can adjust the angles from 0 degrees to 30 degrees, both horizontally and vertically. You can set the keyboard according to your comfort zone. While working in a natural position, your productivity rate will increase, ultimately making you work better too.

  • Soft Key Touch

The keyboard has soft key touch. Thus, typing should be an easy task with this keyboard. Aside from that, it requires a low activation force to be triggered. You don’t need to smash the hell out of your keyboard to make everything working.

  • Comfort

All these keyboards on our list are comfortable. This keyboard, coupled with that adjustment feature, can become one of the perfect ergonomic keyboards on our list. It’s an overall great keyboard to own, and the price is normal too.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • Easily adjustable according to need.
  • A good design
  • Great for writing and content creation.
  • Affordable price range


  • Not made for Gaming
  • No RGB lighting

If you want the most affordable device with one of the top features, then this keyboard might be perfect for you. With the angle adjusting feature and great tactile buttons, you can expect your experience to be great in the end. The keyboard is also plug and plays on both MAC and Windows. No need to install custom drivers to make this keyboard work.

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard

For the business size, this keyboard is just perfect for typing without stress. It has an excellent shape that increases the comfort level, making you productive after all. Moreover, with a concave shape and attractive design features, there are a lot more other features to enjoy with this one.
Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard
Features & Details

  • Overall Design

The overall design with Kinesis Advantage2 is something on an elite level. You get excellent split key wells with a concave shape. This concave shape will help you put your hands more naturally. The thumb keys and layout having 20 degrees of tenting and great palm support makes this keyboard a must-have in the ergonomic side of things.

  • Cherry MX switches

Another cherry MX switch keyboard on our list is this one. Suitable for Gaming and excellent for typing, this keyboard is excellent. You will feel overloaded performance with even an ounce of usage. Moreover, with the tactile switches, the activation force is low too.

  • 3 Year warranty

One of the ideal aspects of this keyboard is that you also get a full 3-year warranty. You can buy without having to worry about it getting malfunctioned. Kinesis makes sure that its customers will be happy at any cost possible. The keyboard comes with a heavy price range making us think twice before buying.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  1. Good feel
  2. Genuine Cherry MX switches
  3. Plugs and Play
  4. 3 Year Warranty


  1. No RGB
  2. Mediocre Design
  3. Super Expensive

If you can afford this expensive price, this keyboard is one of the popular ergonomic keyboards for mac pro out there. That is because of the quality of the product itself. The only downside to this keyboard is that the price is a lot. If you’re a gamer, this keyboard is not recommended for you.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Microsoft’s another great product on our list is this Natural 4000. The split ergonomic design makes sure that you have the better experience overall. Your hands and wrist will be in the most natural way possible. It makes the keyboard highly recommended, especially if you’re a programmer or a writer.
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Features & Details

  • Ergonomic Design

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard comes with a design that benefits the natural position of hand, wrist, and forearms. It has a design that is friendly to the natural human habitat. With that curve design, you can expect your hands to be in the most natural way possible while you still type like a boss.

  • Great Palm Rest

This keyboard has a cushioned palm rest that provides the support and makes your wrist position neutral. It relieves all kinds of pain. Hence, you need not worry about pain as this keyboard is one of the better pain relievers you’ll ever find.

  • Media Control keys

As much as we love this keyboard, the keyboard has keys to control media, such as videos and audio. The control is just on a whole other level.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Cushioned Palm Rest
  • Media Control Keys
  • Affordable Price


  • No RGB lighting
  • Not Suitable for Gaming
  • Outdated design

Aside from the outdated design, this keyboard fulfils the purpose. It has one of the best ergonomic designs you’ll ever see. The forearm and hand positions are totally natural, making everything beautiful and comfortable.
Moreover, the media control keys are also great for controlling various stuff like audio and video on your MAC.

Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo

If you are looking for a perfect wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse, then Logitech MK550 is the proper option for you. Mk550 uses Logitec’s constant curve layout to reduce the stress that ultimately gives you a natural typing experience. It has an integrated palm rest, so you won’t experience any sort of palm fatigue while typing.

Another great thing about this keyboard is that it is wireless with a big battery. Logitech claims that the keyboard will last 3 years, and the mouse has the tendency to last 2 years. Did I mention that it comes with a mouse too?
Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  • Logitech’s Wave Design

This keyboard comes with Logitech’s wave design. The constant curve layout helps in reducing stress and ultimately giving you the natural typing experience. Forget all sorts of problems while typing. As it’s focused on a natural typing experience, this is a great wireless ergonomic keyboard for mac and windows on our list.

  • The Palm Rest

With an integrated palm rest, you will be able to cure wrist fatigue. There are three options of the leg height that allows you to adjust the keyboard to the height that is most comfortable to you. Palm fatigue will be lowered with the use of this keyboard and the adjustment options are great and flexible.

  • Bigger Battery Life

The keyboard and mouse come with wireless design. MK550’s battery is something awesome. You can expect the keyboard to work for more than 3 years on the integrated batteries. Moreover, the mouse can work up to 2 years and after that, you might have to change the batteries.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • Combo of Mouse and Keyboard
  • An awesome palm rest
  • Ergonomic wave design
  • Longer battery life ( 3 years for keyboards & 2 years of the mouse )


  • Outdated design
  • An overall bulky keyboard
  • No RGB lighting

Coming up with a low budget price range, the Mk550 is a bang for the buck. You also get a fully working wireless mouse with the keyboard that makes it even more worth it to use. With the wireless design, you can take your productivity to a whole different level.

MoKo Universal Foldable Ultra-thin wireless keyboard

This keyboard comes with a unique design. Supporting MAC, Windows, Android, it has a lot more to it. The keyboard is ultra-thin and lightweight with a foldable design. Not only that but this keyboard weighs only 176g, making it a light-weighted keyboard. MoKo Universal Foldable is another excellent wireless ergo keyboard for MacBook. The innovative design makes the keyboard to be easily fit in a purse of the bag.
MoKo Universal Foldable Ultra-thin wireless keyboard

  • Support

This MoKo device supports all major operating systems like iOS, Windows, Android. Therefore, it will work great with MAC. It supports almost all of the Bluetooth-enable devices and even phones such as iPhone or any android phone.

  • Light Weighted

It’s one of the lightweight keyboards in the market. Moko has only 176 grams; this device is thin and lightweight. Lightweight enough to put in your bag. It can be folded so that it won’t take that much space. Matter’s fact, it becomes so small by folding that you might be able to put a whole keyboard in your pocket.

  • Bluetooth Feature

The device automatically turns on when you open it, and it closes the Bluetooth when you fold the device. It saves a lot of time when you don’t have to do everything manually.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • Smart Design & Lightweight
  • Auto turn on/turn off
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Affordable price


  • Super small size
  • Not suited for Gaming
  • An overall basic design.

Considering that this device is suited for budget-oriented people, the device is bad by no means. You can use it with no problems at all. The device supports all major platforms and it has a thin and lightweight design. Coming with the wireless support, you have the most ease level in typing. What’s more? You can also charge the batteries via the USB port using the cable.

Perixx Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Another tremendous ergonomic keyboard on our list is the Perixx Priboard. It comes with a 3D design that will comfort your whole experience of typing. With natural hand positions, typing experience can be great too. The integrated palm rest is known for giving you the perfect comfort experience to type and reside your hands on.
Perixx Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard

  • 3D Comfortable Design

Like the other ergonomic keyboards, Periboard is also split from the middle. The keys are upside so that the typing experience becomes good. The integrated palm rest design support enables you to have a comfortable experience in typing.

  • Keys

With a low activation force, these keys are tactile, which means that you don’t have to press it hard and make it harder on yourself to use a keyboard. It has a low-pressure key pressing that will benefit you in typing.

  • Plug and Play

The keyboard comes with plug and play, meaning that you won’t have to download any side software to have the keyboard working. Just plug it in your computer or laptop and enjoy the rest.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • Curved & Comfortable Palm rest design
  • Tactile KeyStroke
  • Plug and Play
  • Affordable Price


  • Non-wireless design
  • Not suited for Gaming
  • No RGB lighting support

Aside from the gaming factor and no RGB lighting support, this keyboard is great for the typist and content creators ( article writer ). Natural hand positions make it easier for you to type while still reducing fatigue and pain in your palms and wrists.

LexonElec@ V1 Keyboard Mouse Combo

The LexonElec@ V1 keyboard and mouse combo is one of the unique keyboards in our list of today. The focus is mainly on Gaming. Hence, the metal pro gaming keyboard and the mouse with 6 optical buttons are ideal for Gaming while still being in the ergonomic section of things.

LexonElec@ V1 Keyboard Mouse Combo
Features & Details

  • Combo Offer

This keyboard comes with a mouse too. With 3200 DPI optical mouse, you can expect Gaming to be a breeze. It makes the gaming environment even more comfortable.

  • Rainbow LED

The device comes with a rainbow LED design. Hence, using the keyboard at night is easy too. With lights off, you’ll get to see the beauty of this keyboard. The tactile keys and the rainbow color is something from the future.

  • 6 Button Mouse

The mouse that comes with this device is great too. It has a 6 button design and a scroll wheel. There are 4 DPI options to choose from and Gaming is just a breeze on this one.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • Free Mouse
  • LED design
  • Tactile keys
  • LED Design
  • Gaming-oriented keyboard


  • The palm wrist support could be better

The device mainly focuses on the gaming side of things. With great tactile keys and mouse, you can expect Gaming to be a breeze. Moreover, there is a lot of LED lighting mode that makes it even better—all in all, one of our most recommended keyboards on the list.

What is an Ergonomic Keyboard?

A keyboard included all required features that can help you to complete your task in a few minutes. The keyboard is an important part of the regular laptop or computer device user. So one should find out the perfect shape & design keyboard to feel free while you are doing your job.

A well-designed keyboard can help you to type in a relaxed mood. Ergonomic keyboards are totally different in shape in order to assure the users’ flexibility. Anyone can easily find out this keyboard just because of its different shape & layout of the keys. Those are really different from any other regular keyboards. The angle keys are more comfortable to keep you in a naturally comfortable position.

The features are:-

  • Help to make faster text entry
  • Never take extra screen space
  • The layout can control the word prediction.
  • Thumbstick will help you like a text entry command or a mouse pointer both in the same place.
  • With a single thumb, you can enter your text.
  • You can group those controls logically into pages.

So the keyboard with a good vertical position with the pointing device & divided parts are the ergonomic keyboards. The pointing device will minimize the use of the touchpad. To restrain your hand & wrist from any pain ergonomic keyboard is an excellent choice. Every type of user can easily handle this.

Why you shouldn’t buy into the Ergonomic Keyboard

There are several reasons you might not want to buy an ergonomic keyboard. Therefore, let’s dig deep into it.

  1. Not easy to use

We think that ergonomic keyboards will be easier to use. However, this might not be true at all. These keyboards are split down from the middle, making them look like two separate keyboards. While it’s true that, with extensive use, you are able to know the benefits.
However, you still have to shift from a whole other concept. Moreover, only on hand can access one side of the keyboard, making it even difficult in the starting time.

  1. Strain on hands

While it’s true that these keyboards can cause less strain, it’s known for a fact that these keyboards can tire you out. Your elbows might become fatigued due to intensive stretching. However, it’s temporary.

Ergonomic Keyboard vs. Mechanical Keyboard? 

After a long time working hours on PC, we wish to relax our palm or want to be free from the PC area. That means you may want to work far from your PC. ion that case, Ergonomic or Mechanical keyboards can help to solve it.

The best part of Ergonomic is its layout. Able to play at any strategic location. No possibility to injure your macules, vain, wrist or hand pain. Easy V shape working facility or split parts into two portions.

Mechanical Keyboards have the physical presence switchboard. While we press the keys, it reflected on the screen which switches we are pressing. In short, it is a very simple feature to us. But do you analyze the procedure of it?? How does it work?? Because of the three parts of plastic membranes with the rubber working together. According to this logic, you can press two keys at a time. Some will allow you to press the maximum of 20 keys at once. This feature already makes this device fabulous.

So the comparison between these two keyboards depending on you. The gamers need to press the multi keys at a time. And the typer needs to relax their hand for being long time typing advantages.


Is the ergonomic keyboard good for Gaming?

The ergonomic keyboard is fabulous for its different kinds of layout. But this is not the accurate information that it is perfect for Gaming just because of its extra-large keys.

Is the ergonomic keyboard worth it?

Yes, off course. This keyboard is 100% worth of it. Split parts with raising keys are helpful for our health issues.

Is the ergonomic keyboard really better?

The person who is conscious about their health should use this keyboard. The doctors may recommend this device to a health animated person. Just because of its muscles relaxing procedure.

Why doesn’t Apple make an ergonomic keyboard?

Here is actually two mission behind this invention. The latest & stylish design will make a new market for them. And the second one is to relax the muscles, wrist pain & keep them in a natural position.

What makes a keyboard ergonomic?

Just because of its user-friendly attitude it becomes the real ergonomic to all. Fancy outlook, split part, neutral in position all make it’s ergonomic.

Does apple make a mechanical keyboard?

Yes, they do. The Mac keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard. So to keep the two membranes in a switch they designed this mechanical keyboard.

Do ergonomic keyboards work?

The only answer to this question is, “It depends”. But what does it depend on? The usage itself depends upon what you’re trying to do with this keyboard. If you’re a programmer and a typist, then you can expect the ergonomic keyboards to be a blessing.

On the other hand, if you’re a banger and a heavy gamer, you might not enjoy these keyboards too much. The answer to this question is just that it depends whether you’re comfortable with the process of shifting towards a whole new experience. However, this is for sure that if you want to make yourself comfortable then you might want to consider using an ergonomic keyboard.

We have covered the best keyboards on our list of today. These keyboards are ergonomic and ideal for Apple’s MAC devices. To take things on the next level, we’ve compiled some of the excellent gaming ergonomic keyboards like LexonElec on our list too.