The 10 Best Free One-Page Themes for WordPress

Today, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Free One Page WordPress themes. So what exactly is a One-Page WordPress website? Well, to make things simpler, if you do not have that much of content on your website, then you should make one page WordPress.
One of the biggest significance of WordPress is that it has great one-page theme support and it’s great for making websites if you have a little amount of content on your website. Moreover, One Page WordPress themes are easy to install and set up. Due to their small size, they’re even SEO friendly too.

One-Page WordPress themes are highly customizable too. We are going to discuss “The Best Free One-Page themes for WordPress“.

Top 10 Free One-Page WordPress themes

1. OnePage Lite ( Best Speedy Single Landing Page Theme )

one page wordpress theme
As the name says, OnePage Lite is one of the most minimal, intuitive and clean looking websites you can download to this date. Its design is very simple and all the content of websites has a good balance. Moreover, it makes use of everything on the website in a beautiful manner.
Moreover, these are very clean flavor on this website which makes the user experience constant and better. The great thing about this theme is that it is fully customization. Therefore, you can customize it in any way possible. With the bottom space, you can add your posts and other stuff just to make the website look appealing and better.

OnePage Lite is one of the most responsive free one page WordPress theme on our list today. This is because of its speed and consistency. There’s also a theme customization for you to further mess with the themes. Moreover. there are unlimited amounts of colors to choose from. In addition to all this, the website itself is great SEO friendly.

2. Hestia ( All in One Single Landing Page Theme)

one page wordpress theme
We’ve done the review before and yet we are going again. With unique material design, this theme can be the perfect one page WordPress theme. It is simple yet responsive. If you’re looking for a one-page website, then Hestia is the way to go for you.

Hestia’s mega menu makes it easier for us to customize everything on our website. Therefore, building a website with drag and drop controls has never been easier. You don’t necessarily need any coding background of skills of coding.

Moreover, Hestia is ideal if you have tons of products to upload to your online store. With its great tools, it’s pretty much not even a problem anymore. Hestia is one of the most unique page builder tools you can find online.

3. One Paze ( Unique Design One Page Theme )

one page wordpress theme
Another elegant and unique theme on our list is One Paze. The most unique thing about this theme is that it has a full-page header. Moreover, the smooth loading and awesome icons make this website a must-have on our list today.

It comes with a couple of typography styles coupled with awesome icons that will make your website beautiful overall. The theme is SEO friendly and responsive. It has whole dedicated parallax sections to customize things further on. The design itself is why it’s one of the best free single page WordPress theme.

4. Onetone ( Powerful One Page Theme )

one page wordpress theme
With extensive coding and hard work, this theme was made for a business style theme. If you want to create a one page WordPress website then Onetone has already got you covered.

You get an admin panel. From there you can add custom layout and add other sections as you’d like. But here’s the most unique part. Nowadays, we don’t get themes that have background video playback support. With Onetone you get a background video playback support.
Moreover, you can easily present youtube content on your website with ease. All in all, Onetone is a unique and responsive one page WordPress theme.

5. Simple ( Modern SImple One Page Theme )

In the modern-day era, simplicity is the way to go. With everything getting complex over time, people are moving towards simple things. With a modern yet simple design, Simple made it on our list. This theme is ideal for one-page business WordPress websites or any other kind of website. The flexibility is just unreal.

Therefore, features like smooth parallax scrolling, an overall exquisite display of both performance and elegance make this website on our list of one page WordPress themes. It has a responsive design with unique color themes. You have the option to customize the theme to your liking.

Moreover, Simple is ideal for photo galleries and uploading. And at the very end, it’s SEO friendly. One drawback to this theme is that it hasn’t been updated for two years. So the design maybe a little outdated.

6. SinglePage ( Best Responsive Single Page WordPress Theme )

This theme is all about being unique. As you can see in the screenshot, it’s the layout and the structure overall is weird and unique than other themes. This theme is perfect if you want to show any application on your website. Whether it’s an Android app or an iOS app, single page is a great option.

While showcasing an app, it’s always better to be unique on your site with better-showcasing skills. That’s where SinglePage comes in. Therefore, SinglePage is another unique one-page WordPress theme for your website that’ll make your website stand out from the rest of the competition.

7. Minimable ( Modern and Stylish One Page Theme )

Another weird yet unique theme is called “Minimable”. If you have a very modern and cool theme then Minimable might be your choice. You can make circular patterns on the website to make everything a lot more unique. The items in the menu are all circular which gives off a unique flavor to the website overall.

The theme is responsive and retina ready too. Moreover, you have the choice to make amendments to any part of your website you like. You can even adjust the size according to various devices like Phones, Tabs or Desktop.

You see, standing out from the rest of the crowd is important nowadays. This is because with more competition, oftentimes companies are lost in the dark. However, if you work hard with smart work, you can always go beyond everyone’s expectations.
You have full customization options too. Therefore, from fonts to the logo, everything is changeable. Considering all these factors above, Minimable is one of our choices of Best One page WordPress themes.

8. Neve ( Best Portfolio One Page Theme )

It’s always the case that whenever we want to make a WordPress theme article, no matter what the genre or theme is, these multipurpose WordPress themes make their way in. Neve is one of them. This WordPress theme is so flexible that it can be fitted into any possible category.

From Portfolio to One Page Website, Neve is super flexible. Thanks to its awesome design and fully-functional design, this is one of the best one page WordPress theme. It has all the features like Parallax effect and others. Therefore, customization is not even a problem. Moreover, with some of the most awesome catchy animation, scrolling is pretty cool too.

Neve is compatible with elementor and other website builders too. Moreover, with its responsive design, scrolling and doing various stuff is enjoyable. The theme itself is lightweight and SEO friendly. This is one of our most recommended one page WordPress themes.

9. One Engine ( All in One Single Page Theme )

Everything in this theme has a unique flavor to it. The use of different elements, colors, fonts, and other things is more than perfect. Everything from scrolling to design itself looks so smooth. Your visitors will fall in love with this theme. The beauty and design is just on whole other level. This theme is great for a one page WordPress website.

It is easy to install and has a page builder that makes customizations to the whole new level. OneEngine works with blocks. These blocks include everything from services to titles and posts. You can simply customize these things with drag and drop controls.

In my opinion, all these things are more than enough for you to make a website. Therefore, OneEngine is one of the most beautiful and elegant one page WordPress themes there is.

10. Pique

one page wordpress theme
One of the most recommended themes of today’s list is Pique. The unique thing about Pique is that it uses the default elements from WordPress and with its customizer, it allows you to create a theme of one page. The website itself is so sleek and good looking that your visitors will be pleased to look at such a nice theme.

Therefore, with the use of Pique, we can easily develop a theme in a very short time. If you want to stand out from the rest of the audience then you should use Pique. Moreover, there’s a dedicated background picture of each section so the design won’t be boring either.
It was such a nice theme until I realized something.

This theme can be only used on WordPress’s own hosted website. Therefore, if you’re using some other hosting then that might be a problem for you. However, with enough research, we have found away. You can just download the zip file and then integrate it into the Themes folder if you know what I’m talking about. This way you can use this theme on a self-hosted website. Pique is our other pick of one of the best one page WordPress theme.