The 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers

As a writer, I care a lot about themes. There are countless WordPress themes for writers. However, which one’s are the best to choose from? WordPress is a great platform as it has fixed most of the customization problems. Hence, we are going to talk about “The 15 Best Free WordPress themes for writers“.

Top Free 15 WordPress Themes for Writers

This list incorporates some of the best WordPress themes for writers that I find worth it being a writer. Every writer has his aesthetics but we are here to talk about some of the most common themes that itself will incorporate various writer’s aesthetics.

1. Divi  ( No 1 choice for Writers )

WordPress themes for writers
Divi has always been slaying when it comes to building websites and themes. If you want a professional website with a lot of customization features then Divi is the way to go. Moreover, the beauty of Divi is perhaps its flexibility. You can use your thoughts to make a masterpiece.
It enables users to create a page that is well written and well crafted. Divi is the perfect solution if you want to stand out from the rest of the competition. Moreover, you don’t necessarily need any coding background or coding skills to operate it. Nowadays Divi has been crazily promoting its brand too.
Moreover, Divi has demos too. So if you want to use those templates and customize it to your liking, it’s possible. I’d say that Divi is our number 1 pick for WordPress themes for writers.

2. Author ( Editor Choice Free Writing WordPress Theme)

WordPress themes for writers
As the name suggests, ‘Author’ is for authors. Author is one of the most beautifully and elegantly designed themes on our list of today. It is specifically made for writers so what more can we expect?
The beauty of Author is that it divides your webpage into two halves. A left sidebar panel where all your featured posts reside. Moreover, the right one is all about your content. It includes your articles and stuff. Moreover, it has a sleek and exquisite looking design that is perfect for reading.
The fonts are plenty sharp and readable too. Moreover, you can customize the theme too! Author is one of our favorite picks for the best WordPress themes for writers.

3. Tracks ( Simple Blogging Theme for Writers)

WordPress themes for writers
With an exquisite yet powerful design, Tracks is another WordPress theme for writers. The theme itself is centered more towards writers and writing blog posts. There are over 50 social media icons there for your service to be deployed at any time.
Moreover, if you want to start your content with a beautiful flavor and aroma of freshness and boldness, then Tracks should be the one for you. It is responsive and cross-device too. Also, Tracks gives you nice SEO optimization. Therefore, bringing traffic to your site should not be a problem anymore.

4. New Blog ( Best Blog Theme for Newbie )

WordPress themes for writers
New Blog is all about simplicity. You get an amazing theme that is fully free WordPress theme for writers and creators. The minimal and clean interface gives off a nice vibe for writers. However, New Blog is not only limited to writers. You can use New blog on news and magazine, portfolio, and other blogging purposes too.
You surely can stand out from the rest of your competition with the use of this theme. Moreover, New blogs can be used for making a multilingual website too. Launching an international; the website shouldn’t be a problem as well.

5. Mallow (One of the Standard Blogging theme)

WordPress themes for writers
Another uniquely designed theme of today’s list is Mallow. it allows the users to make everything using their live customizer whether we can see every change in real-time. In addition, you even have unlimited color options.
So depending on your taste, you can go with anyone of your choice. Mallow theme is SEO optimized. Therefore, bringing traffic to your set is not a problem With the right tools, writers can delightfully convey their message. Mallow is one of the tools.

6. Hoffman

WordPress themes for writers
Hoffman is the ultimate epitome of simplicity and minimalism. Moreover, for bloggers and writers, this theme is the ultimate bliss. It has a simple yet intuitive design that is just perfect for writers.
It has full-width features that are just charming and exquisite. However, the website will still need 1200 pixels of pictures so you should use some high-quality images for the site.
It has a beautifully crafted design for catching visitor’s attention. Moreover, the whole theme is fully customizable with a couple of plugins. Hoffman is one of our most recommended WordPress themes for writers.

7. Cenote

WordPress themes for writers
One of the best minimal themes we can see to this date is ‘Cenote’. Design is appealing and has a unique flavor if you’re a writer. Perfect for blogging and online magazines, Cenote makes it to our top 15 list of best WordPress themes for writers.
The reason is quite simple. It is easy to use and implement. Moreover, it comes with cross-device support too. You can change the background color and anything to your liking. This is the type of customization Cenote gives you.
It has a minimal design which is perfect for writers. The layout itself is customizable enough to get you through everything.

8. Minimalist

WordPress themes for writers
Another clean looking yet professional theme on our list today is Minimalist. It’s a great responsive theme that will get your job done. As a writer, I believe that being minimal is just my thing.
Customizing is also not even a problem. You can add images and change the color scheme. It’s just so simple and beautiful. The best part of this theme is that it’s responsive yet SEO friendly and minimal. With every clutter out of the way, you can expect an overall great experience form this theme.

9. Bloger

Another free minimalist theme that made it to our top 15 WordPress themes for writers is ‘Bloger’. It is a multipurpose one. You can use this theme in any kind of content creation whether it’s a business or blog writing, Bloger has got you covered.
Bloger has a three-page layout. Moreover, it’s fully responsive and SEO optimized. All in all, a very unique and versatile choice for writers and their job. This is why it’s one of the best options to choose from.

10. Blogway

With it’s simple and unique features, Blogway makes it in our Top 10 WordPress themes for writers. If you’re a writer and looking for simplicity and unique features at the same time, then I suggest that Blogway is made for you.
It is a multipurpose website that can be used in literally any site. From news and magazine to beyond that, simplicity never ceases to amaze us. There are over hundreds of Google fonts to choose from, so it’s a great theme for every writer out there. Moreover, customization is where things get to the next level.

11. Write

Write is a theme that perfectly matches all writer aesthetics. It’s a perfect site for writers who either want to start a blog or just write any content. The theme itself is writers-oriented. Moreover, it’s a full responsive theme and customization is where things get stepped up.
Write has a responsive design and it supports cross-device too. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a mobile or a desktop. the content will look equally appealing and good. This theme has a customizer by which you can customize anything you want anytime and anyhow. This is why write made it in our list of best WordPress themes for writers.


Another great theme for writers that made it in our list is ‘Qwerty’. It’s a long-styled theme specifically made for writers, bloggers, and authors. With all the necessary elements in-built into this theme, you won’t have to use even a tiny bit of coding in this.
It is one of the fastest and responsive themes on today’s list. This is because they didn’t want to make things bloated with unnecessary things involved. Moreover, the speed and responsiveness is just great. If you want a hassle-free long-form experience, then Qwerty is the best WordPress theme for writers.

13. Integer

One of the most minimal design you’ll find on this list. Integer is perfect for super minimalist writers. The design of this theme enables your visitors to focus on just text. As there is not much to this theme, I don’t think there’s much to explain here.
Anyways, it’s free. So if you want the readers just to focus on your writing. Do check Integer out.

14. Ignite

Ignite works great for authors and writers. This is due to the theme being ideal for blogging. If you want to publish anything related to writing, Ignite is the way to go.
Thanks to the responsive design, it looks awesome on mobile devices. Moreover, there’s a live customizer too, so you can easily set your layouts and stuff. Ignite is one of the best WordPress themes for writers.
Click HERE to download.

15. Writee

Another modern yet minimalist design that visitors might love, Writee makes it to our list of Top 15 WordPress themes for writers. It is a magazine-style website that is perfect for writing and making your website appealing.
Moreover, you can customize it according to your liking and it fully supports multi-languages. So if your audience is from different countries, using this web theme shouldn’t be a problem.