How to choose Best Web Hosting for Newbie

How to choose Best Web Hosting for Newbie?

To represent your self globally one needs to prepare a digital representing platform. The best quality of web hosting will make this successful. It may be the unknown word to the newcomers. It’s very simple, no need to worry about choosing the best Webhosting site. The person who has no previous experience in that field can feel confused about it. We randomly received mail from our readers on that topic. From this content, you will come to know the full details of how to choose the best web hosting site for a newbie.
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What is Web Hosting

This is one kind of technological business. Hosting company rent out their service to run a website. After having this permission the user can type the web address which will directly connect with their server. Then it will be visible on your web browser. If you can access the webpage, that means the hosting company already hosted your site. The address you are using is the domain name. If you don’t have the domain name the hosting company will assist you to complete the procedure. To allocate the spaces for your website documents, images or other things you need to register with this hosting server. 

Why do we need a web hosting

This is something like the foundation of a building. To create an online identity & to expand the service area or to get the global audience you need a website. To run this website we need a good hosting service. The hosting server will provide you different tools to grow your website with various features.

How to choose the best web hosting for a newbie

A good web hosting is a major key to being a successful website. We need this service to increase our sales & SEO ranking service on our website. If you are a newbie then you can choose a free web hosting service. On the marketplace, you will get different package web hosting. The features are not the same for each other.

Before selecting a hosting service you need to keep in mind what type of website you want to run. Depending on your website type, you need to know the exact bandwidth. Is it possible to create the mail ID with your domain? Available options & the SSL certificates should check out. Just to verify your hosting service you can check out the below features. If you have decided to buy WPX hosting then you can use WPX hosting discount code to get maximum discount on WPX hosting plan.

Server Uptime 

This is the most potential thinks that you should keep in mind before fix the deal of hosting service. This is actually the amount of time of the server running as offline or online. If the service provides tell that the server has 99.95% uptime, it means this will provide you well service. The page running & ranking also depends on it. If your website stays in downtime this will reduce your ranking immediately. The maximum service provider will confess that their server has topmost uptime. 99.999% = 26 seconds monthly, 99.99%= 4 minutes monthly, 99.9=44 minutes monthly & 99%= 7hours 18 minutes in a month. We think now you will realize the tricks they applied with their customers.


Having the best hosting support experience you need to verify the phone support or available timing. If you want to upgrade your site with PHP & need advice from the provider but they are not online here. This may create a big hassle for your working hours. It may take a long time to connect you. SiteGround, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, InMotion Hosting or WP Engine can provide you excellent support fester server with an advanced security system. The largest hosting company also providing Live chat service or live chat ticket service for 30 minutes or less. But maximum email support is not effective for the quick response


The maximum hosting site offers their customers a low price. But they just want to apply tricks. After passing the introductory period the junk up it. So to fix the contractual activities you need to check the total amount of ownership. Make the complexity easier before buying this service. It is very important that for which purpose you are using your website. For commercial support or for the economical issues you should not deal with the cheapest or free hosting contract.


Make sure that the server has all require features according to your website demand. Backup service for future recovery, guaranteed uptime availability, management system, enable sophisticated hacking software scanning, loading capacity, WordPress support, migration service, easy control panel along with extra resources of scalability. Here also can check the SSL certificates, compatibility with hardware or operating system. Check the sign-up condition to move on, is it restricted or not.

Security & Other

This is the second mandatory step to protect your website. In many economical websites have access to acquire the liquid money. Those websites need to face hacker attempts. To secure your data with all login information & configuration you need to run a strong security service. Antivirus protection, secure payment option, file management procedure, firewall protection with password protection. The authentication process should have perfect accountability.  The email encryption is also mandatory to secure all update information. Finally comes the strick privacy option. The company with strick privacy has the chance to protect your data with others.
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  1.   What kind’s web hosting is best for a newbie?

Without any previous experience dealing with a paid hosted company is risky. It will be better to choose a free Webhosting site for the first time.

  1.   What is the best web hosting site for small business?

Bluehost, InMotion, HostGator, 1&1 IONOS, iPage, A2 Hosting, GoDaddy are the best web hosting site for a small business.

  1. Is cheap Webhosting is good?

No, all cheap web hosting is not always good for any type of website. We need to choose a hosting service after checking their services & features.

  1. How do I permanently buy a domain name?

From a domain, the registration site registers the domain name according to your business name. But the fact is, we cant purchase a domain name for a lifetime. After passing the contractual time frame you need to renew it.

We naturally run a website to have our targeted audience. But it will be totally useless if the customers can’t access frequently the site. Every provider will try to grab your attention through their service, but this is your responsibility to justify or recheck all features as you want. we hope that this post will make sure to choose the best hosting service for your site. Not only thinking about your present requirement.  A good businessman thinks about future requirements also.