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10 essential Digital Marketing tools to grow your startup (Fast!)

As a small business owner, you are aiming for an edge over the vast amount of competition. The chances are that you are here to find a useful and essential digital marketing tool to gain this advantage. Although many tools promise you improved Digital Marketing, these are the essential digital marketing tools that we will highlight in the course of the article.
In 2019, for Digital Marketing, you should have an excellent digital marketing strategy from the beginning. Therefore, If you can adopt this from the get-go, you will have a plan that drives traffic. In turn, it will make good use of advancements and take advantage of the power that social media provides.
In this post, we will discuss the digital marketing tools that are startup-friendly and produce great results. Furthermore, each of these tools serves a clear and defined purpose to ensure your business has the best materials to succeed.

Google Analytics

The use of Google Analytics is helpful and will improve your digital marketing strategy from the beginning. Google Analytics is relatively simple to set up, and it gives you the ability to check all the actions by visitors to your website quickly. A helpful tip we can provide is not to view this as just a traffic tool. If you can take advantage of it, it will make a tremendous impact on your marketing strategy.
To understand what we are talking about, Here is an image of the traffic a website:
Google Analytics website traffic conversions page (essential digital marketing tool)

Important Tips when using Google Analytics

Through social media campaigns we’ve created, we have drawn a lot of traffic to our website. During the times that we have noticed this, we have used the data for our newer strategies to find the same results.
Another tip we have noticed is that you should utilize those keywords that led to an increase in organic traffic. If you can harness those keywords, you should keep them in mind to improve your content over time.

How to separate demographics with Google Analytics Information

A relatively unknown tip for Google Analytics is the use of your Audience’s data for your customer’s segments. In other words, you should design specific areas on your website for different demographics that will keep them engaged. For example, if you have noticed that kids, teenagers, and young adults typically visit the gaming section of your website. With this information, you should update the UX and UI to include colorful images and buzzwords that will make them more interactive. Also, you can add a user-friendly comment section with quizzes and questions to make them add comments and find new users.
Google Analytics is extremely efficient because of this and is not worth ignoring. With its informative design, you can harness it beyond what a typical user will find. The data from this resource has proven many times to be extremely valuable.


Hootsuite Pricing Plans (essential digital marketing tool)
Hootsuite Pricing Plans

Social Media is a huge part of the success stories of companies today. A single campaign, tweet, post, or image can make a company reach heights beyond predictions. This is true for all companies in the world with no limit to age, size, country, or userbase. With the impact it brings, social media is essential in the digital age.
With Hootsuite, you can now strategically post to social media through scheduling. This has many uses that will help your business. Also, it will save you a significant amount of time to focus on other things.

Features of Hootsuite

There are other useful features and benefits that Hootsuite provides that will help your business. A lot of these even help with social media engagement. These include:

  1. Helping you automatically identify influencers that are relevant to your business. This feature helps your sales and marketing teams to know how they can promote your brand.
  2. Another helpful feature is the ability it gives you to reply and engage with users through the Hootsuite dashboard. Imagine this, if you ever have an influx of users questioning your brand about a product that is popular. With Hootsuite, you can easily monitor and reply to all these users on a single platform.
  3. Hootsuite also helps you take advantage of the use of responses to FAQ’s that do not require continually typing out the same responses.

With a tool like Hootsuite, you can be at the top of your game. An essential digital marketing tool like this can help you keep everything in check at once. This tool can even help you manage more than 30 different platforms at once. That feature alone saves many hours of labor to focus on increasing your leads, awareness, traffic, and engagement. Another advantage of this tool is that it partly does the job of a marketing manager, so you don’t have to hire.


Followerwonk highlights the many benefits of social media marketing. If you invest a lot of time in your social media marketing, you should do so in a rewarding way. Therefore, you have to organize reliable and useful plans concerning this.
With a tool like Followerwonk, you can effectively improve and evaluate your social media marketing strategy. It does this by using the information in your Twitter analytics.

Followerwonk map of highest locations (essential digital marketing tool)
Followerwonk map of highest locations

We have this tool on our essentials due to its smooth user experience and its results. This service has three categories that make it great for social media marketing. These are:

  1. Finding: With this tool, you can search through twitter accounts, bios, likes, and retweets to research your audience.
  2. Analyzing: The analysis this tool delivers will break down your followers through their bio, location, the following list, followers of followers, and a large number of criteria.
  3. Optimizing: When you can optimize with this tool, you will know what content attracts your followers.

However, this tool is not all perfect. Followerwonk can only be applied to Twitter and is not available for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But, keep in mind that Twitter is still beneficial and should be a part of your plans for social media marketing.
Although this tool may not be your regular tool for social media marketing, you can use this periodically. For example, once every two weeks and shorter intervals if a significant surge of followers begins to show interest in your business.


With KISSmetrics, the tagline of this essential digital marketing tool summarizes its purpose. Mainly, you can track, optimize, and analyze the performance of your digital marketing strategies. This, in turn, will show you what is doing well and what isn’t for all your digital marketing campaigns across the board.

For you to improve your online and digital marketing, you have to create strategies that are impactful from the beginning. Having the mindset to promote through digital marketing is excellent, but working smart is more efficient than just working. For you to be effective, you have to analyze and track all your moves and strategies. Doing this will provide the most rewarding return on investment (ROI).
KISSmetrics helps with this; you can use this tool to learn useful and ineffective strategies in your campaigns.
Through the funnel reports tool, you can check for the campaigns or aspects of your business that aren’t performing according to standards.

The advantages of KISSmetrics (essential digital marketing tool)
The advantages of KISSmetrics

This tool is advantageous. However, it is quite pricy at $120 monthly as its starting price. If you can invest, it will kickstart your business quickly. The insights that this tool provides are invaluable and will guarantee the growth of your company.


Email marketing is not going anywhere just yet. Even though social media marketing has taken the digital marketing world by storm, email marketing is still very much an efficient technology. The advantage that social media still hasn’t been able to fully surpass is the professionalism of emails. Email marketing technology has a large presence and is utilized by over 80% of B2C and B2B companies today.
Due to its usefulness, email marketing is something you have to implement from the beginning of your digital marketing campaign strategies.

MailChimp has over 12 million active users. They are primarily considered the best email marketing resource providers worldwide. This essential digital marketing tool has these accolades for reasons that are unbeatable.

  • First, MailChimp has existed for a long time. Long before other email marketing companies began to show up, this resource dates back to 2001.
  • For you to use this service efficiently, they have an FAQ that answers all your questions.
  • There is a free option for users with less than 12,000 emails sent every month and less than 2000 total subscribers

For a beginner in digital marketing of your business. You probably aren’t on 2,000 subscribers yet. This is why MailChimp is suitable for newer users. Its service naturally designed to encourage new users. Especially with a free plan that gets you into the routine of email marketing.

MailChimp tags page example
MailChimp tags page example


Hubspot is another useful tool for your marketing needs. The value that its service offers is excellent for improving your sales and its fluid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The marketing software has solutions to many of the problems a beginner digital marketer may encounter. In summary, it attracts visitors to your business, encourages these visitors and makes them customers, and it brings your marketing efforts together.
It is significant and an essential digital marketing tool that you have a marketing funnel that is seamless and coordinates together in working order. The service HubSpot provides guarantees excellent results. HubSpot has tools that can optimize the following:

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • Website
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Lead Management
  • Analytics
  • Email

With the service HubSpot provides, all bells and whistles are provided. There are no compromises with its role as a marketing tool. With what it does, HubSpot is hard to beat for a starter in digital marketing.
The beauty of HubSpot lies in its one pitstop for everything business model. Everything you will need can be found in this service. For what it gives, you are going to find your success more attainable with the use of this digital marketing tool.

A Page of HubSpot's service
A Page of HubSpot’s service

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is another essential digital marketing tool that assists your website. It shows and navigates your site and its pages to ensure optimization and analysis in creating an excellent user experience (UX).
Crazy Egg has proven to be useful in two significant ways that set it apart from the competition. These are:

  • It can help when you edit and make changes to your website that provides better results.
  • Furthermore, its user interface is easy to navigate. This means not much assistance is needed to get started with this service.

If you’ve just created your business, you don’t want to invest the majority of your valuable time handling technical issues. However, you will run into problems when using A/B testing for your website. But, this is where Crazy Egg comes in. Some of its features include:

  • Reports
  • Analysis
  • Personalization
  • User feedback
  • Research
  • Targeting
  • Mouse recording
  • Heatmapping
  • Integration
  • Establishing your platform

The benefit this tool provides is that it shows you where the interests lie for your visitors. Then, you can use its information to plan your leads and sales. At least, even for experienced digital marketers, Crazy Egg should be tried once. It’s a tool that might not be so useful on the surface, but once you try it out, you will always find a use for it.

Crazy Egg Heatmapping for user interactions
Crazy Egg Heatmapping for user interactions


Trello Paid Plans (essential digital marketing tool)
Trello Paid Plans

With content marketing, Trello is a great resource. We highly recommend it because of its efficiency in managing projects. As a new digital marketer, it might come off as just another tool in a sea of endless promises. However, Trello is extremely useful for digital marketing organizations. The resourcefulness of this tool has helped us with organizing our digital marketing. This resource helps work seamlessly within a digital marketing team.

Trello is useful in managing your projects for your entire team. It helps save a lot of time and energy for an organization. Trello does this by keeping your entire team on the same page for any amount of projects at once.

An example is the use of Trello for blog posts. With Trello, we can easily share our blog posts before publishing them. This is a hugely beneficial feature that allows our team to receive the notification. Once the blog is read and reviewed by the group, everyone can give an internal review of the post before it is officially published. This helps ensure the post is informative before it is published.

The main advantages of Trello

Contrary to previous methods, Trello utilizes a single space for everyone to communicate. Unlike email, although it has its good uses, it could cause a lot of confusion, frustration, and missed messages. Trello has many features that keep users and businesses organized.
Additionally, Trello allows all information and data that concerns your digital and online strategies in one place. Even better, it is quite easy to set-up and gets to work immediately and stress-free. Also, the invite system is seamless, and your entire teams could join with no delay.
The pricing for Trello begins with a free plan that has significant amounts of features. Following this, a business Class plan that starts as low as $9.99. Finally, it has an enterprise plan that starts at $20.83. Trello is not the only tool that offers these services, but it provides a value that is difficult to surpass.


BuzzSumo is a tool that helps people know more about the market where they are involved. That use is what will convince you to adopt BuzzSumo to your strategy.
For a starting business, you definitely have at least some knowledge concerning your industry. Also, you should at least know how your competitors work. However, if you invest more time in learning, you will find more useful information that can jumpstart a new fuel in your business.

As an owner, if you decide to improve your knowledge and understanding of your business and competition, you will be able to learn the best content to provide. Doing this, your audience will increase and you will perform better in search engines. BuzzSumo will ensure that you are on the right path.

The search results provided by BuzzSumo will show you a large array of information compared to conventional search engines like Google. This is a summary of the features it service provides:

BuzzSumo Summary of features
BuzzSumo Summary of features

The useful variety of information this essential digital marketing tool provides is extremely hand. Especially when researching and creating content for your website. You don’t have to strain your energy trying to guess the best performing topics in your niche. BuzzSumo helps with this seamlessly. Also, this tool shows you the approximate amount of shares each result gets on social media. With that feature, you will know how to set up tactics to achieve similar results.
The tool is definitely a learning experience. If you are able to use it regularly, you can also figure out how your competition gets their results. From that, you can begin to create your effective success strategies.

All in One SEO Pack

For WordPress users, All in One SEO Pack offers a service that brings your CMS experience to a whole new level. If you install this tool, you will receive a nice array of useful features that will bring your site to the top.
For you to increase your results with your online marketing, you have to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and the advantage this service brings to the table are numerous. This essential digital marketing tool will help you provide appealing content that will rank in search engines.
These are some features provided with this plugin:

  • Automatically generates Meta tags for your articles
  • Seamlessly compatible with a large variety of other plugins
  • Supports XML Sitemap features
  • Creates good Canonical URLs
  • Updates top search engines when there are any changes made to your site

These are all efficient and exciting features that are provided. The plugin has a reputation for being so good. There is also a trump card it possesses, and that is its simplicity and accessibility.

All In One SEO Pack features (essential digital marketing tool)
All In One SEO Pack features

This is also a worry-free tool that helps your decisions to be more focused and less convoluted. It’s easy to get started with this tool. For users that may be lost with this tool, they have you covered with this “?”. If you click on that symbol, you will receive help for your needs.
This tool is massive and has more than one million active users that are ever-growing daily. Although there are some good competitors out there, this tool is just hard to beat. It is a free and great simple tool that provides excellent results. The SEO of your website will become nice with this tool. Especially as a new business, its presence is undeniably fabulous for you.

Bonus Tool: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an essential digital marketing tool that deserves to be mentioned on any list of this kind. It gives users a free and paid option. The free version is enough for new users to get in the mix of things. Yoast SEO gives you information that shows what you should optimize in your article. It also provides the best tips and instructions that will help you write search engine friendly articles. It even adds its own benefits with its readability feature that helps you ensure that you have easy to digest content on your website.
For all it provides, Yoast SEO is very much a good investment of your time. This plugin does not disappoint and helps your website to rank in search engines.

For you to get started with search engine rankings, traffic, leads and customers, your website has to be of high quality. These essential digital marketing tools each provide something unique that will help you achieve this goal. Although they are not all perfect, they are all great for achieving their primary uses. This makes them some of the best in the world for each of their aspects. However, you mustn’t rely too much on these. Your work and content will always remain what makes your website useful.