Holographic Projection Technology: The World is Changing

Today we are going to be talking about Holography and Holograms. What is Holographic technology? Before talking about all this stuff. First of all, let’s talk about how do we see objects. Holography is all about seeing. We can only see objects when light reflects from its surface. Moreover, after reflecting it reaches our eyes. Without the presence of light, it’s not humanly possible to actually see.

Let’s say, you go into a dark room. From the dark I mean there shall be no light. In that case, you won’t be able to see anything. You might feel like you’ve gone blind. You can record your voice in your smartphone. After recording, you can listen to it countless time. Isn’t that right? It’s because it has been recorded in a piece of tech. But, can we actually store light in recording? So that, we can play it later on countless times. Will, we actually able to see, what’s not there? The simple answer to that is, Yes! it’s possible. By the use of holography, it’s possible. By using holograms you can see different objects that are not even present in a certain place at that time.

Holography started in the 1940s by Denis Gabor, a Hungarian inventor. But the main twist happened in the 1960s when Laser was invented. The whole principle of Holography is based up Laser. The Laser is portrayed in a certain way that it looks to be a 3D object by the combination of them. You can make an object’s hologram by using the power of holography. In movies and cartoons, they’ve shown a lot of holographic concepts. This is all thanks to science.

What is a Holographic Projection?

Holographic Technology
What is Holographic Projection

We see holographic objects with the combination of refraction of laser beams and bending of it. Like, in real life we see like this too. So, if we talk it from the real body and apply it using lasers, we will, of course, be able to see holograms. Therefore, it’s a very big evolution in the world of technology. It will seem like an object is actually present. But it won’t actually be there. It will just be a combination of Laser beams bent together to show a projection.

Let’s talk about what is the meaning of Holography. The word Holography from a Greek word. Holos means “Whole” and Graphy meaning “Projecting or Writing”. There’s quite a difference between the Projector and the concept of a hologram. Projector only projects in one dimension. Whereas, holography is three dimensional. Therefore, it means that you will be able to see all angles of an object from all sides. It’s all possible due to the use of holography.

So, here’s a thing. HOLOGRAPHY WAS A MISTAKE. Dennis was working on the electron microscope. But, his invention didn’t do anything that much at the time. That is because it needed Laser for the working. But in 1960, after the invention of Laser itself, there happened a lot of research on holography. It improved a lot. In 1971, Dennis was awarded a noble prize. So what exactly is Holography? Holography is simple recording some light. By using the laws of Refraction and Reflection, to show light in such a way that it’ll feel like a fully 3D Object to our eyes.

Revolution of Technology

It can be a big step up in terms of technology. Holography can improve communication. But How? We talk a lot about video calling. Can we call each other using Holograms? It’s pretty much just a matter of time since things like that will be released. Maybe in the near future, this technology will be on its rise. Imagine a  businessman who cannot attend a meeting. By the use of holography, he can project himself in the meeting without actually having to be physically present

This is the beauty of holographic technology. Not only video but people will also be able to listen to the voice. We can say that this is the next step in science in the communication section. Next step in the technology itself

How Do Holography Work?

Holographic Technology
How does it work?

The sole concept of Holograms is really confusing. Whether they look 3D by seeing. They are totally 2D images. Holograms have something called as a “Motion Parallex”. As you change perspective, it follows you and looks like a whole real object. Holography is better than the 3D movies we see in cinemas. That is because they are lacking in depth and motion parallax.

Remember that Hologram of the rapper “Tupac” at Coachella. It wasn’t really 3D but looked so real that at that time, I thought that TUPAC CAME BACK. Holograms have really special properties. It shows different images on your field of view. So when you change your perspective and angle, it shows other images. Therefore, appearing to be three dimensional Let’s say you are looking at a photograph. It doesn’t matter what way you look at it. The picture will remain 2D due to a lack of Motion Parallex.

It doesn’t follow you. And it’s static 2D. But with the power of hologram, you can actually change whole perspectives. It provides you with that parallax effect. Since the beam created is just like an original picture. It’s really hard to distinguish it. The hologram contains whole information of that object created. Even if you cut a piece of a hologram, you will still be able to see the object thereon a hologram. You can even make holograms at home. Simple ones that are. It’s pretty simple and there are tutorials all over the youtube to make them.

Microsoft Hologram Speech Translator

Holographic Technology

With the passage of time, the use of A.I and Holographic technology has increased very much. People who travel in different countries have difficulty in managing all the meetings sometimes. It isn’t easy to travel. Also with much traveling comes many more languages. But what if I tell you that there’s a technology that can change our fate.

Distance and Language, both doesn’t matter. What if, can go anywhere you want to be and speak any language of that world without actually having to be present there. With the power of Mixed Reality and Azure’s Artificial Intelligence, new technology has risen up. This technology can actually perfectly change voice to other languages. Same dialect and the same tone.
With the power of HoloLens, all this is achieved. It generates a hologram of any object. The size of the object is perfectly changeable. The technology generates much of a perfect projection of any object. It looks exactly the same and while watching a video, I couldn’t seem to distinguish real and hologram.

Translation moreover, is so perfect and natural. We’ve seen a lot of holograms but this one is pretty new. Imagine perfectly speaking a language that you don’t even know. Technology has really gone too far in terms of the technology itself. This is just mind-blowing, how far we’ve come in this game. Mixed Reality technology is actually used to create holograms in this case. Azure’s speech recognition detects the speech and covers it into other languages.


This is probably the biggest invention in the world of holograms. Microsoft has introduced hololens. HoloLens provides the best and vivid experience in terms of performance and security.
It is secure, fast and reliable. With the use of hololens, you can create your own holograms of different objects. You can even develop your own mixed reality. It has many advantages and features.

Hololens 2 provides you a very vivid and detailed experience of stuff. The high resolution and detailed images it provides gives a user an awesome experience. It also has great fitting. You whole cover will be on your head and glasses will hover on your eyes. Hololens also has many gestures. So to interact with different objects, you can control them with your hands.

It is also fully wireless so you don’t have to deal with cables and stuff. You just move freely anywhere. That’s one of the best features included in. Basically, it’s just all in one package if you want to be the journey of Holography.

Top Holographic Technologies

Now let’s talk about some of the top Holographic technologies that are changing our world and how exactly they change. So, let’s talk about it

1) Laser Plasma Holograph

Laser Plasma was developed by a company named “Burton“. They designed this true laser display. It can produce bright dots make appear into the air. Everyone can see the 3D hologram created. The Plasma emission phenomenon is used for this. The focus point is that of laser light. It controls all three-dimensional axes.

Laser Plasma Holograph will be used in Ads, for Entertainment or in industry. It can also be used as the rescue systems in a disaster. It is truly a fascinating technology that can change our everyday world.

2) Fan Type Holograph

As the name says, fan type holographs are made on a horizontal fan. Propellers are equipped with awesome RGB lights. So it shows holographic illusions. The good thing is that it provides a very vivid and HD projection of an object.

It only takes 10 Watts of energy to do this enormous stuff. It comes in all sizes. And that by I mean, price. Moreover, It’s made in China and costs from 100 Dollars to a few Thousand Dollars. Therefore, It is great for companies who want to take their advertisements to the next level. Hence, making it a recommended product from me.

3) Portable Holographic Device

With great compact size and easy to carry. They are even easy to use. RMIT and Beijing University’s scientists have already invented portable Holographic devices. It is also called as Holovect. Also known as the world’s thinnest hologram. It is a thousand times thinner than a human’s hair. You can see the hologram without even wearing any glasses. Therefore, it’s pretty cool.

Fairy Light is also a very cool portable holographic device. In addition to touching, you can actually feel the hologram. That is totally science fiction. These lasers can be utilized to move in air to create cool holograms.

4) Physical Holograms

Physical Holograms are very interactive and real to deal with. Two of the MIT students had made a physical hologram. It transcends the level of a hologram as it consists of 3D physical Telepresence. Therefore, this renders the shape of people and objects accordingly. So how does it works? The Machine has some motors along with linkages and pins. By the use of all these, it can render a person and mimic them.
The most surprising part is that it mimics everything in real-time. It seems since fiction.

5) Material Fused Holograms

The holograms which require a media to project themselves. A smoke projector is the most popular type of hologram. It a great way to form projections of different kinds. In a pretty low budget, you can get great holograms.
With just a projector and smoke tube, this phenomenon is performed. It exhales a continuous smoke film. It is an interactive and cool idea to build up an audience. Therefore, It a really low budget yet high tech product.

Another example is the Underwater Hologram. The laser lights in this hologram produce molecular excitation into the water. It then Generates the green holographic patters into the water. It generates 30 frames per second.
Enough of the product talks now let’s talk about how holography is going to change our lives.

Holographic Technology Now

3D display is already an awesome invention for human beings. They are just so advanced that we still haven’t actually gotten over them. For a while now, companies are trying to kill those gimmicky 3D Glasses and replace them with total glasses-less 3D. So we can easily count on Holographic future.

People were really amazed by how far holography can actually go in terms of general advancement. By 2020, it is expected that there will be a big rise in Holographic Projection technology. Display Holograms will be worth $5.5 Billion Dollars. So now let’s see where Holographic technology is used in our industry today.


In the military, it is really important to locate geographic locations. The military uses 3D Holograms to improve the location and Military observation to locate an enemy. They also use Holograms in strategies. These 3D developed Holograms maps allow the army to see three-dimensional views of land and by the use of it, soldiers can train too.

So, how does it work? The data is a computerized image. That image is then converted into a hologram sheet. The users can easily look at various terrain on the sheet. Therefore, it is very easy to use. 3D holograms in the military can be used for storage and transportation. These maps can be very useful if we talk about military disasters and stuff like that. In military rescue missions, these are pretty significant to the military.


Storage is one factor that is increasing day by day. A large about of data gets stored into various media day by day. Every year, there is a rise in digital storage or media on devices. Nowadays, our computers and smartphones can store a large amount of data. We store all sorts of media like, images, videos, games and documents. Let’s say that all your data is gone. How would you feel? I know the feeling as it has happened with me a lot of times.

But, with hologram technology, data loss is nothing. As holograms create a 3D image, it not only stores a data but holograms are capable of collecting raw imagery. In addition to showing a 3D image, they are store a lot of information too. They can store a huge amount of data in them. If we talk about the prototype of Holographic technology, it can store almost 4.4 Million pages of info just on a disk that looks like DVD. The information also doesn’t get corrupt.

Instead of storing data on the surface of discs, it stores data in three dimensions. The data which is stored in the form of holograms is quite reliable. Therefore, in the near future, we can expect a bright future of holograms.


Art is the eldest application of holography. As soon as it rose on the surface, art began to get experimented. Nowadays, artists are using Holographs to cut space and bend it to created 3D holograms. To actually make 3D Sculptures holography is used to do so. 3D images, videos, and animations are created by it.

Artists are actually promoting the use of holography more and more nowadays. That is because holography can bring evolution to art itself. This is how far we have come in this technological era.


As holograms are pretty tough to make, they have this advantage of security. Believe it or not, you’ve been using holographic technology without even noticing. Our credit cards use it. As you move your perspective, different images appear onto the credit card.
In the United Kingdom, use of Holography is implemented onto the latest Five Euro Note. The Picture of big ben changes when you change perspective. This happening all due to holography. It changes a set of colours of the note. Providing a whole 3D sort of experience.

Future of Holography Technology

Holographic technology has been around for a while now. But since it’s inception it has changed a whole lot. From that I mean, in a good way. In the past, we used to think that holography is just science fiction. In the modern world, it’s a normal thing. Current holographic technology has brought a big evolution in the world of Holography.

Holography will change the ways of driving. In our world today, holography is used in navigation systems with the combination of Augmented Reality with Holography. With this technology, it will be easier for us to navigate, like maps and stuff. Gesture controls will make it easier for the driver to interact with it. It will also handle the safety of cars in the near future.

Holography will also change the medical field. Therefore, it will be easier for students to do experiments. Ultrasound and systems like that only generate 2D data for now. But with the addition of hologram, it might be possible to generate a full-on a 3D projection of everything. We all hope that Holograms will provide students a good overall addition in the field of anatomy.

The way we communicate with each other will also change with the use of Holography. Ever since video calling was announced, we have been stunned and amazed. Though the video calling technology only offers a 2D view of the person. But with holography, it is not going to be much difficult. With Microsoft HoloLens, it’s already easy to project yourself. The problem, however, might be real-time talking and I deep down know that companies are trying their best to improve the latency and stuff. With the addition of mixed reality and hologram, it’s really not a big deal.

Final Thoughts

There was a time when the hologram was just a concept. Like, it was considered as rich people’s gimmick. Moreover, in our current era, it is in use for some really heavy and industrial use. It is being used in film industries a lot. This is just a small beginning of this evolution, In the future, we will see walking talking holograms everywhere. That’s how far we have come in technology.
People will a lot of innovation and inventors are working on improving holographic technology day by day. Holography with the use of mixed reality will be the next big thing.

Therefore, it is really recommended to start learning the concepts of Holographic technology now. For students and basically tech lovers, I say that it’s an ideal evolution. If you invest your time and money in it now. You will be rewarded in the future. Holography is what will make the world a better place for us. We expect a lot more from Holography in the future. All that remains now is to actually wait for this evolution.