Impact of Technology on Youth

The Superior Impact Of Technology On Youth

Younger generations have received a lot of flack for their excessive use of technology. Many people are quick to point out glaring issues that are clamoring with technology in this digital age. However, we won’t highlight the problems in this article. There are already enough sources out there condemning technology. Chances are, you’ve probably heard it all in that regard. So, what will we talk about if we are not discussing the problems with technology? Well, we are talking about the superior impact of technology on youth.

But before that, we need to address why many people have a negative view of technology and youths. Technology is something from a new generation. It’s a piece of humanity we never knew would grow so much. Today, it’s just as useful as a limb primarily when youths have never known a life without tech. Therefore, it’s understandable why there is so much dependence.

However, we need also to address the fact that technology has been excessively condemned. As a result, this has stagnated some highly favorable aspects. So, we will highlight these functional aspects of technology. And, we will provide some insight into the importance of embracing this digital age. Our society needs to know the beneficial impact of technology on youth.


The positive impact of technology on youth in education is undeniable. There are currently over a billion sources to learn for many personality types. Students don’t have to rely on a teacher for everything. Even better, students can now learn at their own pace. This means that we have a society that can grow with creative minds. Why? Because technology is helping people to remain inspired while learning.
Walking into a classroom and not understanding a thing meant failing a class and stressing about learning 20 years ago. Today, students can find online tutors, youtube videos, video calls with friends that will explain things in a way that they can understand.
Because of this, many students with learning disabilities can now explore practical ways to fill their gaps in knowledge. Also, students can find new ways to learn that are interesting and interactive. Technology has provided many free resources for a lot of less privileged students that can’t afford to learn what they are passionate about. So, people have the time to learn what they want in their comfort within a proper headspace.

Learning and technology have opened up an entirely new horizon for education. Even teachers are benefiting highly from the advancements in technology. Today, teachers can do their research on the internet, find out new ways to apply their knowledge.

Impact of technology on youth

Health and Fitness

Technology is always opening new doors in the health field. The digital age is hugely beneficial to our fitness and health. Because of this, it has brought a positive impact of technology on youth. With health advancements, people now have the chance to perform regular and detailed checkups.

Youths with any health defects or problems can figure out what is wrong before receiving ridicule from people who don’t understand the issues. For example, with ADHD, there are many cases of undiagnosed youths that have fallen into depression. This depression is due to the confusion that comes with dealing with an undiagnosed mental issue. In the past, people automatically assumed those people were lazy.
Today, kids can be treated and diagnosed at an early stage. With this advancement, they can now receive the appropriate medications and treatment while growing. This is the sort of thing that will help them while keeping up with their peers.

Furthermore, the health field has helped medical students and practitioners to perform and practice advanced procedures. Today, medical students now have access to new simulated methods. They can use software to measure some aspects of the surgeries or checkups for more accurate data analysis. Students and practitioners also have access to new purposes of performing procedures.

Additionally, the new holographic technology that is developing has the potential to revolutionize the way people learn medicine ultimately. The medical field with holography is what will forever change the way surgeries are performed. We will finally have the chance to explore new ways to perform procedures and test the limits of medicine.

Fitness and technology with youth

With Fitness, technology has made people understand their health better. Today, many individuals have access to new and improved fitness trackers. As a result, people can now set goals and health trackers to keep up with. It also helps them get in the best shape.

Today, many fitness trackers are pushing what we can do with technology from the Fitbit to Xiaomi and the ever-popular Apple Watch. Today, Apple has announced the new Apple Watch Series 5. This watch is one of the many pieces of technology that tracks fitness accurately, recommends the right steps to take for a healthier lifestyle.

From diet to exercises, people have access to the full information that will help their fitness.

The Smartphone

Smartphones are more useful than we would have predicted. Currently, they are like an extension of our brains. It’s difficult for youths to adjust to life without their smartphones. It’s their primary source of communication, so people have grown and adapted to their functions for basic needs in the digital age.

Youths have grown with smartphones, so it’s no surprise that they have a full need for them. People have condemned their use of smartphones. However, it has created a new level of connectivity between people. Today, there are many new ways to connect. Because of these advancements, we have social media that connects different demographics in many ways we could not contemplate many years ago.
Also, in our smartphones, we have access to many databases of information at the palm of our hands. Many things you need to know are easy to understand. How can someone be able to live a life without such a device?

The world needs this, and youths have harnessed its capabilities in the best ways compared to other generations. Younger generations can live a life where they are fully connected to the world at large. With the ever-evolving implementation, people can now use their voices to find things on the internet. Ten years ago, that would have required a trip to the library on the chance that they might’ve even found that information.

People also can connect with individuals from all over the world to talk about their interests and passions. With online forums, youtube, and Facebook, people can discuss interests in detailed discussions for as long as they want. We can share what we’ve learned and continuously evolve our knowledge over time.

Impact of technology on youth

Quality of Life

People now have a better quality of life services that are making their lives easier. For them to focus on more important things, people have technology that makes their quality of life services easier. In Finance and Banking, technology has revolutionized the way we transfer, save, and keep our funds and properties.

Many public services like transportation have also improved. With companies like Uber and Lyft, youths can now schedule their commutes according to their schedules. So, people have many new ways to plan their day with technology. Students can now live off-campus and make it to school on time.

Furthermore, many new advancements are faster as a result of technology. People are now learning faster than their predecessors. Humanity has advanced in better and quicker ways as a result of technology. People are now able to prosper more quickly than all their predecessors.
The use of online purchases has also saved people from making long commutes to get items or services. Instead, the transactions can be secured online with your needs delivered to your doorstep.

Additionally, working is now shifting towards smart work instead of hard work. Students can now search for gaps in their knowledge instead of reading every page of a chapter. Today, students have access to new and improved search techniques to find keywords and relevant phrases.

How we can harness technology for the better

It’s undoubtedly a great thing that we have had a significant impact of technology on youth. The world now has access to large databases and information from all over the globe. However, it is admittedly a problem when people have a full dependence on technology for all their needs. So, people can change this by limiting the forms of technology they entirely depend on.

Because although things are more accessible, technology is still a compelling part of our world today. Therefore, we have to remain conscious.

Impact of technology on youth

Although technology has been an extremely impactful part of our lives, we aren’t welcoming what it brings to the table as a society. If we can fully respect and embrace what technology is doing for us, we have a better chance of eliminating the issues we face because of technology. Therefore, it’s best for us to live with technology as a necessary improvement to our lives. If we can do this, the positive impact of technology on youth will continue to improve over time.
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