Applications of Robotics in Various Fields

Robotics is a mixture of several subjects. It includes mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer science and so on. Moreover, there are many uses of robots in various fields. This makes robotics another branch of engineering. Therefore, this brand deals with a variety of subtopics. Some of the subtopics are,

  • Design of Robots
  • Construction of Robots
  • Information Processing
  • Sensory Feedback

These are some of the technologies that might replace our work. Moreover, there’s always this threat of machines vs humans. It’s a quite vast topic. There are Robots in various fields. We are also going to touch this subject today. These robots have changed the way we live. In addition to that, I can say that robotics has changed the whole industrial work. Robots are used in a lot of areas. Such as deactivation and detecting of the bomb. There are a lot of forms of robots. But the one we want is the humanoid form.

We have seen a lot of humanoids already. For example, Sophia robot. Sophia was given Saudi Arabic Nationality. But soon after that, she talked about destroying the world. This became an international issue. It made all of us think that whether robots are safe to use or not. Therefore, we should be very careful about what we make.

Father of Robots

Robotics deals with the study of all the concepts, design, operation and manufacturing of robots. Isaac Asimov gave the name ‘Robot’ in 1940. In addition to naming, he also gave three laws. These laws are a must for the robotics industry and people. The three laws are:

  • They will never harm human beings.
  • Robots will follow instructions given by humans with breaking law one.
  • They will protect themselves without breaking other rules

At this point, it might seem to be a little sarcastic. There are many uses of robots in various fields. But really, no wonder he’s right. Isaac Asimov, in my eyes, is a true genius. He knew what he was doing.
Therefore, let’s talk about history now.

History of Robots

Robots in Various Fields
History of Robots

This part of the article will convey you a brief history of robots. To know more about Robots in various fields. We must know where it all began. What was history? Moreover, what caused the invention of robots.
Robotics history is the history of science. Robotics is considered as one of the best achievements of man. From computers to medical, it’s everywhere. But the sole concept of a robot isn’t new. Even before the technological era, people built machines and used them. Around 270BC Greeks and Egyptians manufactured some mechanical machines for their use. Therefore, we can’t say that robotics is new.
The concept has been around for a long long time. Moving over to 1818, the first concept of the humanoid robot was announced.

Frankenstein“, you must have heard about it somewhere. As this advancement occurred, the mind of scientists was fascinated. They knew that with enough tools and skills, they can build robots. Right now, robots are all around the globe. Applications of robots are space discovery, medical discovery, armed forces and just a lot of others too.

The making of Robots all started in 1250. In 1250, the first human-made automated robot was created. From 1250 to 1950, the use of robots has varied. In addition to making and manufacturing things, it has also been used for entertainment purposes.
Moreover, robots aren’t going to hurt us. They will probably give us ease in our work. The invention of robots is never-ending. It’s only going to improve with time. New inventions will rise every now and then. Therefore, let’s talk about some of the branches for the development of robotics.

Robots in Various Fields

Robots in Various Fields
Robots in Various Fields

There are different branches of engineering through which robots are made. In contrast to another engineering. Robotics is a new one. That is the reason why it’s is a multi-disciplinary field. Different engineering fields are as follows.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most important fields if you want to learn robotics. It’s one of the most qualified degrees if you want to become a robotics expert. Moreover, a lot of people think that robotics is all about artificial intelligence. This is pretty wrong. AI is programming. In robotics, there’s roughly 33% robotics. The Rest is mechanics and design.
When we design a robot, we all want the final product to move. It moves with the help of mechanics. This is the ultimate aim of a robotic engineer. Therefore, mechanical engineering provides you everything to build from scratch.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is tough to crack in robotics. You probably won’t be able to find any courses in EE related to robotics. The Reason is that robotics is in its early stages. Therefore, most of the things don’t make sense. However, robots have all those complex wires and stuff. For that, electrical engineering is a must-have. You really need to have concepts of basic electronics to advanced electronics.
This is what builds a robot up. Therefore, robotics is a mixture of many degrees.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is the brains of robotics. With heavy utilization of hardware, how do you think everything works? It’s the programming. Every piece of hardware is utilized using programming. Therefore, programming is one of the most important aspects of robotics. Artificial intelligence is all programming. It has the algorithms and stuff that makes robots utilize maximum hardware and perform their best.
It deals with the development of different programs for a robot. Therefore, a programming course and degree are essential if you want to make start robotics.

How are Robots Classified?

Depending on their working, robots are divided into some parts. There are many types of robots we see in our world today. Necessarily, robots don’t mean that it should be a humanoid all over us. There are many types of robots that we use today. A vacuum cleaner is a robot too. But it’s a rather simple one. Therefore, let’s talk about the classification of robots.
There are three types of robots

  1. Simple
  2. Middle Level
  3. Complex Level

Let’s talk about one at a time.

  1. Simple Level RobotsThese robots are pretty simple. They can’t carry out a heavy or complex task. In addition to that, they don’t even have any sort of complex circuits. They are just developed to help human beings. For example, carrying out daily tasks. We don’t really notice it that much but in everyday life, we are using these robots.From Vacuum cleaner to Washing machines and so on. This list continues. Let’s take this example of a vacuum cleaner. We just make it clean stuff without having to worry. It helps humans. It has the capability of performing this simple task. So these robots are classified this way.

2. Middle-Level Robots

This is a complex one. These robots are only programmed once. They carry out a complex task. Moreover, they cannot be reprogrammed. Therefore, they are made for just a purpose. Their works can be multiple. They can perform a series of tasks. For example, an automatic washing machine. It washes clothes. In addition to washing, it also dries them.
So this is how middle-level robots are classified.

3. Advanced Level Robots

These robots are ultra-flexible. They are programmable as well as reprogrammable too. This means that their whole purpose can be changed any day at any age. They contain complex circuits. These robots are computers or laptops. From there, the list just goes on.
Now let’s talk about some of the most common types of robots.

Types of Robots

Types of Robots

Robotics has been around for more than a hundred year. Moreover, movies and science has influenced a lot of us. We think that robots should be in humanoid form. So what exactly is a robot? In my opinion, any machine that helps humans autonomously is a robot.
Now we are going to talk about the types of robots. Moreover, there are just a whole lot of robots we have in our world. They are different in shapes and sizes. Their working maybe different. However, the goal of every single robot is the same. The goal is to help humans.

Entertainment Robots

As the name says, they are used for entertainment purposes. The type of entertainment varies by the way. It can be in toys. Moreover, it can be used for commercial or domestic purposes too. In addition to that, there are a lot of robots used for entertainment purposes. Sony, Sarcos and other companies make the best entertainment robots. These robots are free to do their work. They can help us in our work. For example, helping us with luggage. Cracking some jokes and other stuff. That’s why they are entertainment robots. The education quality and interaction techniques of these robots are just amazing.

Car Industry

In the car industries, robotic arms are used. These arms can manufacture a lot of stuff. Moreover, they are helpful in making these cars. Almost every company uses robotic arms to make their products. Therefore, these arms play a really important role in the manufacturing of cars. These arms are helpful in the manufacturing and assembly of various components. These arms carry out a couple of tasks. These tasks include cutting, welding, painting, and bending. Therefore, robots play an important role in the car industry.

Dangerous situation

Robots are very helpful in dangerous and disastrous situations. They have built-in sensors and superior image processing. These robots can be really helpful in dangerous areas. Therefore, robots are still helping a lot in saving the day. Saving people from situations such as fire or bomb sites. There are no limits to this technology.
Therefore, robots play an important role in saving lives too.


Robots also play an important role in betterment for hospitals too. Japan has already developed technology that allows surgeons and doctors to use various assistive tools. This means a whole new level of development for the medical sector. There are many other applications in medical but we will talk about them in a little bit. So just wait.


Robots in different fields vary. In the military, robots are playing a very important and significant role. Flying drones are used a lot. They help in assessing a certain situation. Furthermore, they also help in the diffusion of the bomb. Possibilities are just limitless. In the future, it’s possible that robots might be used for warfare and assassination purposes by the military.
Imagine robots using dedicated guns for warfare. It will be a threat to the international level. But instead of putting humans at risk. Robots will do our jobs.


NASA is actively using dozens of robots for space exploration. From lifting human beings into space to lifting heavy objects into space. These robots are pretty helpful for us. Recently, NASA has proposed that they will launch a new robot on Mars that will explore the mountains. This is due to the fact that as of now, humans aren’t able to climb those mountains or even machines. Therefore, they have developed a robot just for climbing purposes.


Robots can also help us in exploring areas that are injurious to human beings. There is no need to put man into risk after all. Robots are a thing. They can do this job far better and with precision. Without having to put humans into various dangerous situations, we can always use robots for this purpose.


Some robots are developed to serve agriculture. Agriculture is a really important aspect of our lives. Therefore, some robots are used to cut and collect crops. There are also some robotic milk farms that help and guide farmers to nourish their cows from time to time.
Therefore, agriculture is pretty important for our lives. Robots are making everything good and better. From crops to cattle, robots are practically everywhere.
Now let’s talk deeply about the applications of robots. How they are used in various fields. And possibly we will get to discuss a lot about products of them.

Applications of Robotics

As of now, robotics are doing a number of tasks in various fields. From cutting and bending of different things to entertaining human beings. There are many uses of robots in various fields. Robots are practically everywhere. This is due to the fact that they are perfect in what they do.
Robots have precision, accuracy, speed, and dependability. Therefore, companies are trying their best to bring robots into action. In this day and age, our world is getting smarter. Robots used in the various field is a sign of smartness too. Uses of robots in various fields vary from field to field. With our smart world, we need smart solutions to different stuff too. Therefore, the use of robots will make our world fast-paced and a better place.

Industrial Robots

Robots In Various Fields
Industrial Robots

We have covered this topic many times. But as for today’s topic, I will start from scratch. Robots are mostly used in industries. In the industrial atmosphere, they have proven to be quite successful. For most parts, robotic arms are used. These arms do a number of tasks with ease an precision.
They can be used for applications such as Material Handling, painting, welding, bending. There are just a whole lot of benefits companies can extract by using robots. Form Automobile manufacturing to smartphone manufacturing, robots are everywhere.

Household Robots


There are a lot of robots specially for household uses. You’ve been using robots and you might not even know about it. Consider an example of a vacuum cleaner. It’s a type of robot too. There are other examples too. Robotic pool cleaners, house sweepers, sewer cleaners and others too. These robots are helping our world to become better day by day.

Medical Robots

Medical field is one of the most influenced field by robots. Robots are being promoted in many institutions and hospitals. This is due to the fact that they can help us for many purposes. Robots are used by surgeons to perform surgeries. This means that we are already into the modern world. There are literally many things that a robot can help in the medical field. Moreover, there are some ‘body lifter’ robots that provide support in lifting a patient.

This makes things easier for many hospitals. Therefore, the medical field should be given more and more attention. That is because the possibilities are limitless for robots in various fields. There is much more than just lifting bed that we can achieve from robots.

Competition Robots

These are special types of robots that are for hobby purposes. Many students or hobbyists make their own robots. These robots are often put into the fighting tournament. These robots are really effective in learning and entertainment
Robotics is a broad field. In addition to working robots, there are entertainment robots too. In the past, robots were for entertainment purposes. Moreover today, everything has changed. In addition to entertaining. We can also use robots for a lot of assistive tasks too.
This was the whole idea of competition robots. These robots are for entertainment or hobby purposes.

Space Robot

Robots in Various Fields
Space Robots

These robots help humans in space. In space shuttle, they can do a variety of tasks. Even in space, they are able to perform a couple of tasks. Such as setting a stage for the scientist to perform and test stuff right in the space. Moreover, NASA has built a robot that is going to do research on Mars.
We human beings are able to capable of climbing the high mountains of Mars. Moreover, we don’t know what kind of secrets lie right in the mars. Therefore, a robot has been in the development stage for over a decade.
This is the reason why robots are so helpful for us human beings.

Service Robots

As the name says, these robots are for working purposes. They help in working along with human workers. They can even go fully autonomous mode too. For example, there will be a lot of service robots in the Olympics of 2020. These robots will give different types of refreshments. In addition to that, some of them will greet the guests. Moreover, some robots will also become a screen for faraway visitors to enjoy this live stream.

These robots can be used to perform a variety of tasks. For example, they are pretty helpful in data collection and management of things. Therefore, robots are doing good for human beings. This is the ultimate epitome of the future. Every day we are going towards advancements.

Military Robots

Military Robots

We’ve already talked about military robots in depth. These robots help the army to ease their work. As being in the army is a tough job, robots make it easier for us. There are always bomb threats in army life. Robots just made it easier for us. There are drones that can help pinpoint various locations of bombs. They made it easier for army men.

Not putting men in danger is pretty cool. Robots can even diffuse the bomb with a remote control too. Once robots will be enforced in the army, there will be a huge step up in it. This is because we won’t have to put humans in risk of fighting. Robots will fight for us. The country with more advanced robots will win.

Therefore, robots are a blessing to humanity. Therefore, I hope to see in the near future, robots being enforced everywhere.


With robots having their own threats, they are doing much good than harm. There are countless applications of robots everywhere. And this is only the beginning. In the future, we will be able to see robots walking and talking like normal citizens. Moreover, I hope to see robotics in many more fields. It will be really cool to use and develop robots. They can literally help reach humanity on the level of science fiction.