Artificial Intelligence Taking Over World

Before starting the article, I will like to elaborate that AI Taking Over World is just a hypothesis. It hasn’t been pushed that far to destroy humanity yet. It might not even happen at all. But I would like to elaborate on some of the most likely possible happenings that might happen in the near future. So, let’s start with the introduction. What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI Introduction

As we have covered in some previous topics, Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for the machines to have learning qualities like human beings. With the power of deep learning, different machines often called Robots can do human tasks. They can think like humans, they can do stuff like humans. They can even learn like humans. From simple tasks like playing video games to actually driving a whole car automatically, it’s pretty much possible with Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore, with the right use of Artificial Intelligence, it will be really useful, in the future to manipulate and process a large amount of data in a matter of seconds.

By the use of Humanly created Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence achieves the ability to learn different stuff. Through the use of AI, we can really improve our everyday life. But with great technology comes great risk. Therefore, let’s talk about, is AI going to take over jobs?

Artificial Intelligence Taking over Jobs?

AI taking over jobs?

It is possible that by 2025, half of the human work might be taken over by robots. It is quite possible that Robots will take half of the jobs from us. Therefore, this can be a whole new industrial revolution for human beings.
Along with the jobs being taken over, many people think that twice more will be provided to workers. According to one famous study, almost 40 percent of the jobs in America are at risk to be stolen away from Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, Let’s talk about what types of jobs might get stolen away from us with this big industrial revolution.

Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry

It is often looked at a boring job with less pay but more work. That is because it actually is. Now, a lot of companies generate huge amounts of data. That data is to be entered somewhere whether it’s a spreadsheet or some online media.

So, data entry clerks are hired to enter a large amount of data. This is how it works. Entering a humongous amount of company data from one place to another. The job is rather very tiring for clerks. It requires a lot of focus along with the dedication of work to do so. Therefore, companies have to think about the hourly wage of a certain clerk which sometimes makes things hard for them.
Now, companies are thinking that, instead of giving money to humans, why not just have a robot for it? This technology is not really in use but in the future, it poses a pretty big threat for data entry clerks. Imagine Robots entering data with more speed and accuracy than human beings. This is the ultimate future.

But, hold on. It’s not all bad news. As with jobs getting stolen, it’ll create even more jobs. But what about data entry clerks? Will, they were not able to have a job. The good thing is that there will be still many jobs and requirements for data entry clerks. Data Accumulation is going to be more important in the future. This means that it’s not all bleak and dark for the clerks.
So, if you utilize your skills well and make a nice CV or Resume, or maybe choose Data Science for your career. You may be getting promoted instead of having to give up on your life.


Are driving jobs going to be finished?

In the past, there had been sound research by MiT and Harvard Economists that self-driving cars won’t be a thing in the future. The reason they gave was that it is pretty much impossible for robots to drive with human accuracy. But, as of 2019 what do you think?
We’ve already seen many Car companies making fully autonomous cars like Tesla. These cars have already driven thousands and thousands of miles in our world. So how will it affect drivers?

Uber is a company that is the source of income for many drivers. Imagine just getting into a car and saying your location to a Robot. That Robot will then make you go to your specific location. How cool is that right? But with this evolution, it will make a lot of drivers quit their jobs. The same thing will happen to taxi drivers if fully autonomous cars are put to the right work.
So is there no way for drivers to get back their driving career? Unfortunately no! They should think about moving to some other career and learning new stuff. With the power of Artificial Intelligence in cars, it will pretty much destroy a driver’s career in our world.

Customer Service Assistants

Customer Service Assistants in Danger?

With AI getting stronger and stronger, we are already on the brink of advancements. Consider Google Home and Amazon Alexa. They both are smart enough to understand our human input. This isn’t good news for customer service assistants.
Now, with the world going fast and fast, people don’t like to waste even a minute to wait to talk with customer service assistants. This calls for Robots as they can easily manipulate and understand problems with precision as ease.  Unfortunately, this is not a bright addition to the life of Service Agents. So this means, the career is gone for good?

Not really, as some companies are working on identifying a customer’s personality and later wire them up with an agent of their own personality. With this addition, call time can be decreased a lot and it’s almost good news for everyone. This makes things pretty easier for them. And with this addition, there might come more jobs instead of jobs going away. Companies like Twitter hire human judges who make a robot understand the information they are shown. With the power of A.I judging specific information about a lot of stuff.


Medical Jobs in Danger?

Due to the brilliant Artificial Intelligence, Medical might be impacted a lot. Imagine Robots actually diagnosing the disease of a certain person. Or helping people with disabilities. Maybe consoling mental problems of people. This technology will hugely impact this medical field. The brilliancy of AI alone is causing this revolution.
So, is there no hope for people working in medical fields? I’d say that it depends upon the kind of field or Niche you are into. Many medical techniques like, surgery and diagnosis of various diseases can be identified by the power of AI. But worry not, as it will create more jobs instead of removing them. Human Physicians will have to actually hire machines for their work.  Healthcare workers will hire machines.

Construction Work

Manual Labors will be highly affected by the use of Machines. Today, in making a building or layering a whole bridge, a lot of numbers of manual laborers will be obliterated. The advantage of using robots for this work is that Machines don’t get tired. They can work non stop without having to drink or eat stuff. These robots can carry out a lot of work with precision and quality. So there’s no way for human labor to continue. For the sake of humanity, in my opinion, it’s time for human labor to stop.

But, let’s be real. There is no way that human labor is going to be stopped. They are simply going to be provided in machines and instead of them working their own labor, they will make machines do it. From Human Labor to Human Operator. This is quite an upgrade for them.


Lawyers have a really good job. They are highly professional. Lawyers don’t have to move things as laborers do. They don’t have to essentially sit all day on computers too. It’s a very interesting job. But with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, what does the rise mean for law career?
However, to think about hiring a lawyer, it’s very expensive. But A.I can actually help people in the investigation. Robots are even able to become parking police. Moreover, it’s not all bad news for lawyers as the mix of law and computer science could even make it better than it is.


Chef Endangered?

Using IBM’s Watson technology, Chef Watson was created. With the mix of chemistry and computer science, it can generate new recipes from scratch. This is the power of AI we are seeing today. Not just generating but Robots nowadays, can also make food and serve it in a restaurant fast er than a chef can ever be.

While machines working in a hot environment are just a terrible idea but Watson has cleared that misunderstanding. So is this bad news for all the chefs out there? I’d say again, not really. With the use of robots and humanly brain, a lot of work can be done quite better than these two will do individually. It is even possible for us to create 3D food using printers nowadays. This is the kind of revolution we are seeing in today’s word.
It’s time for the big question now. Will Artificial Intelligence destroy humanity?

Can AI Destroy us?

Can AI really Destroy us?

Greater power comes with greater responsibility. Yes! I am talking about Artificial Intelligence. As good as it may seem, it comes with quite a risk to actually exist in our world today. So can AI actually destroy humanity in a way that we will be completely under the control of it?
Here are the top reasons I think that AI might be able to go out of control.

Outsmarting Human Beings

With Robots getting smarter and smarter as the day passes. What if they actually become smarter than us? Imagine having you work under a robot. What if your boss fires you just because you don’t have the skill level of a robot.
Are you going to learn from a Robot then? This is the chaos that might hit our world once this technology goes viral. While we shouldn’t actually worry about robots taking over our intelligence as it might not happen in the future. But there is still a chance that robots will outsmart human beings because of the algorithms they are put through.
We need to worry about what type of data we are providing to the machines. No one really wants a robot to be their boss. But as always, there’s still quite a big chance for it to happen in the future.

AI starting to think itself

While we know that we ourselves create robots. What if robots themselves become smart enough to create themselves? Imagine running a company with the Robot boss. This is quite likely to happen as with the passage of time we are giving robots more and more authority to move freely as they kind of, please.
A robot was made a citizen of Saudi Arabia. But it instantly talked about destroying humanity. As spooky as it may seem. This is a possibility that robots are going to exert their forces on us Humans.

Entertaining AI

AI in Robots is kind of Entertaining to us. But imagine we ourselves have to create entertainment for machines. With us giving more and more intelligence to the robots, there’s a chance that they might work too much as a human does.
As you know human beings get bored a lot. So if machines adapt this trait from us, what will happen next? A robot entertainment channel will be created? Will we work for their entertainment? Is this really the next step in the evolution of mankind or is it just us getting slaves of robots.
Think about it.

AI in Politics

With AI getting stronger and stronger both mentally and physically. It is quite possible that robots might enter this political game. Now, for good intentions they will be made to join but what if they start to take over our politics? What if they think that corruption itself can be only removed by removing human beings themselves. This is the kind of threat that AI possesses into the political game.
What if a Robot will become ruler of the whole world? Sure, it can avoid a lot of corruption but it comes with the threat of Robots taking over us too.

No Rules for Robots

Robots having no sense of rules and Regulations can create problems for us. Imagine robots moving freely doing whatever they want. This is not the type of revolution we need. We should be really careful about how we use Robots in the future. It’s possible the greatest threat to mankind, to ever happen. It’s like summoning a demon.
So rules and regulations must be passed in order for Robots and Humans to co-exist with each other. If not, then I’m afraid that more complex problems will come on the surface.

Unknown Behavior

AI can do really critical tasks for human beings. But with this type of power comes greater threat too. In the future, robots might have unknown behavior. It can because of bug or something or it can also be intentional. Imagine if robots would think that to solve a certain problem, humans shouldn’t exist.

For example, hypothetically speaking, let’s say that AI is given consent to be the Police. While working as police they develop a way to obliterate crime. The best way is to remove humanity itself so that crimes won’t come at all? Just saying that a situation like this is pretty much possible. And we don’t know the consequences of different fields we put robots in.

Impossible to Control

Artificial Intelligence can be hard to control. What if robots will actually be outsmarting human beings in every single field of life? What if robots will develop self-awareness and common sense. This way, they will be pretty much impossible to control by human beings. This is the kind of threat AI possesses us. They might just cause a revolt again human beings to actually kill us.

What if they think that, it will be peace for them if human beings are gone. Imagine robots themselves developing technology that we humans won’t understand. Aliens and Robots are identical. We don’t know when they are going to come and we don’t know what will happen to the world. That’s why we should worry about the near future and start making different rules for robots.
Now to the big question. Are  Robots going to actually replace us?

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace us?

WIll AI Replace Us?

Once AI becomes more intelligent than humans, then we would be their slaves. So, why are we doing research on AI? Here’s the answer, we want our daily life, industrial work, and our computer and mobiles to be more easy and technical. So we are building language or using current languages to develop and invest more and more in AI every single day. This is all about AI and the rule it’ll follow. Can Artificial intelligence really take over us?

Will AI replace human beings? The answer is yes and no. It depends on the sense in which we are asked. If we say it in a sense that, AI will replace humans completely. It’s a straight no for now. The answer is 50% yes. But intelligent machines might not be able to replace us as a whole. The reason is rather simple, it is quite likely to happen. But think of it as, We make robots they don’t make us. If there are no humans, there will be a downfall for the robots. While they are actually pretty intelligence they still lack common sense. It is because of us that machines are created and put to use.

One quality of human intellect is to think endlessly. There is no limit of thinking in human beings. Machines will work according to what we demand from them. The way we program them, they will work in accordance to that. So really it’s a no brainer to even compare both.
Let’s just say that humans are replaced by robots. What will happen next? They won’t be able to upgrade anymore. Robots need us for their own upgradability and betterment. So it’s better to think that Robots are a happy evolution in our life. We won’t be destroyed by them.


The conclusion is the most important part of this article. So in conclusion to all this. Let’s just be practical in what we say. As of now, there is no chance of AI taking over human beings. Literally, robots need us more than we need them. We make them for our own purposes, while they don’t have something like intellect to think like us.

It really depends upon our intention. How we are going to use Robots in our lives. If it’s for a positive purpose, it’s cool but they can also be used as human threatening machines. AI is really a positive addition to our everyday lives. And I proudly say that careers for computer scientists are vast and bright. Artificial intelligence will become the next big thing in the future.

So there’s no point to think that they can destroy us.  Everything is under our control. Let’s say that we use them to make every day smarter. Or we make them destroy humanity. These two things are pretty different from each other. So by that, all I mean was that our intentions matter most. Human beings will be responsible for every good and bad AI in our everyday society.

Now to close my article of today, I would like to conclude that, instead of thinking about all the major threats it possesses, let’s be practical and think about improving it. Rather than making a big deal out of it and thinking all the disadvantages of it. Artificial Intelligence is a happy revolution in our everyday life, society, and industry.