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Top 6 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid 2020

When involved with the world of digital marketing, there are a lot of mistakes that can hinder the progress of your business. Such errors are extremely limiting to your success. When you learn the mistakes to avoid, you can apply a sound business strategy. This strategy will result in the best output of your efforts. Therefore, in this article, we will highlight the top digital marketing mistakes to avoid.

The best digital marketers don’t always find success with their marketing campaigns. Even with all the experience, they have garnered over the years. However, there can be a success at a regular rate if you can anticipate the mistakes that might potentially result in bad digital marketing campaigns.

Why digital marketing mistakes occur

Digital marketing is a fast-moving business. New types of campaigns and preparations always coming up. Therefore, there tends to be a focus on the latest and trendiest things in the space. Although this has its benefits, there is a tendency of people to only focus on new ideas. Therefore, they don’t learn from past errors. If digital marketers can learn from the past, they will improve on this. This process is because having an understanding and awareness of how past mistakes occurred is helpful. The act of learning from the past is a great way to invest in success in the future.

We can observe how digital marketing campaigns have run in various past instances. In the past, brands have had their campaigns with repeated issues that have recurred for a while. The awareness of these common mistakes will ensure that your brand can successfully avoid them. With that said, the following are some of the digital marketing mistakes to avoid.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Creating Digital Marketing Campaigns without a plan

When a digital marketer does not have an idea for their campaign, there is a lack of stability to guide its success. For a campaign, without a good and reliable plan, the chances of things not going well are increased drastically.

Therefore, before executing a digital marketing campaign, there has to be a prepared set of actionable and measurable goals. These goals should exist in a way that ensures you meet all your objectives. Without making use of these goals, there is a lack of awareness of all your successes. Also, without them, you won’t be able to measure the successes achieved, and this will lead to a lack of awareness. Without awareness, you won’t be able to determine what requires more effort or a new strategy. Thus, it will also be a difficult task to make future campaigns if your previous investments have not yielded progress.

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Giving your analytics little attention

In digital marketing, it’s important to remember how your campaigns and strategies are going. With digital marketing, there is no set way to do things. Therefore, nothing should be left on its own to work out. Instead, there should be a regular update and check-in to confirm and assess the success of your marketing campaigns. As a website owner, you should be paying attention to trends and macro trends that are shaking up digital marketing worldwide. The bigger picture should be the focus when it comes to your campaigns and where you focus your channels. Channels are where you invest in resources to result in leads and traffic.

An example is when a channel provides a high amount of traffic but low numbers in leads. Sure, the channel may have a compelling premise, but the main goal has to succeed with clients. Therefore, there should be an understanding of how to get channels with the best performance.

Not testing your strategies first

It’s crucial and essential to check the plan you will use for your marketing campaigns. Like in the previous point, leaving your campaigns after creating them is similar to leaving them to fail. However, having a way to monitor your campaigns regularly will result in you having a balance. Such balance allows you to optimize the campaigns you’ve routinely made.

There is also a tendency that people may jump to conclusions if their new strategy is not performing as expected. That tendency is a severe hindrance to the success of the campaigns created by digital marketers. The lack of a proper process to determine the efficiency of a strategy leads to these unexpected issues. Therefore, digital marketers should prioritize the testing process. This priority is to ensure that their campaigns and investments successfully integrate. The expected results will then generate.

Prioritizing trends

With digital marketing, balancing between remaining in the current standard, and joining the bandwagon is a constant process. Knowing and adapting to trends within the space is necessary for success. This awareness is due to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. The changes and trends are essential for digital marketers to keep their brands up to date. The newest technologies and strategies help keep one ahead of their peers. Moreso, when you can create a unique spin on trends.

However, the constant mistake from many brands is the assumption that a trend equates a necessary adaptation of it into their marketing. This should not be the case, as trends should not be followed automatically. The newest platforms and technologies are great for the landscape. But, individuals and businesses should have a firm understanding of the ways new trends should adapt to the aims and missions of your brand. An awareness of the trends is a great way to run a business. Therefore, one should have a good sense of the ways such trends will work for campaigns and development strategies.

Not targeting the right audience

If you have created a digital marketing campaign, there should be knowledge and an image of the end-user in your audience. This image is necessary because marketing campaigns have failed on many occasions due to targeting the wrong audience. The audience is why your campaigns exist in the first place. Even if your adverts have great-sounding concepts that resonate with your team, you’ll never know its success until it reaches your audience.

As a result, you should dedicate time to educating yourself on your audience. You should learn what your audience likes, and what appeals to members of your audience, what grabs their attention, what language your audience use. Also learn how they describe things, the colors, style and images that appeal to them. If you can answer these types of questions, you will be able to find ways to appeal to your audience successfully.

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Not making enough use of mobile

As digital marketing has evolved over the years, the importance of mobile has increased. Now, it is an essential staple for the success of your digital marketing process and efforts. Although, not all businesses prioritize the use of mobile, which is an extreme oversight in most cases. The use of mobile must be a priority for your digital marketing success. Therefore, you have to keep mobile users in mind for all your brand’s activities. If not, you won’t impact the vast majority of your target audience. In 2019, a large amount of industries, the traffic from mobile users is over 50% of overall traffic. Without considering mobile, there is a lack of exposure to the vast majority of potential customers. Such an oversight can fail digital marketing campaigns.

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Not improving your SEO Strategy

With improving SEO, your website will have an increased rate of visibility in search engines and will help improve your business. This tactic will also increase your visibility to your target audience. There are efficient SEO techniques that will help in realizing the success of your campaigns. These techniques will help your articles and posts to be visible in search engines. Among these are:

  1. Adding your main keyword to your title tags, URL, meta description, and multiple times naturally within your post.
  2. Make sure your content is interactive and engaging to keep your audience glued.
  3. Add some backlinks for proper search engine algorithm rankings.

Search engine algorithms are continually changing. This means that strategies that are currently effective might lose their edge tomorrow. Therefore, it is essential to know how to be updated with new SEO tactics. This knowledge will help your website in the competitive scene. If your SEO strategies are not updated, there is a large amount of traffic and leads you will be missing.

This is the advantage that comes with having an agency for your digital marketing needs. The expert advantage that comes with an agency can help advance you ahead of your competition by a large margin. You won’t have to keep your attention towards the trends of the industry continually. Instead, they will make sure your website and brand are always updated with new ways to campaign.


Granted, the task of staying within the trends and changes is not the easiest. There is a constant need to be aware and ready to do what is necessary to keep your brand successful. Though some mistakes may happen in the course of this, there should be a willingness to learn from them and improve on your previous campaigns. This will ensure that your campaigns are successful.