Cheap TV Stands For 55 Inch TV – Buying Guide

You need to keep that expensive TV safely and stably and have an excellent watching. There is no other way to do this unless buying a TV stand. Depending on the TV stand you choose, some are adjustable with swivel and others not. This will give you an ideal angle for your viewing experience. There are also cheap TV stands for 55 inch TV.
When looking for a TV stand, there are vital things to check. Look for a sturdy that can carry the significant weight, durable, spacious for large TV size, and budget-friendly.

Here are the best TV stands for 55 inch TV:

  1. Ameriwood Home-Southlander TV Stand

Get extra storage in the living room with this Ameriwood Home-Southlander table. The TV stand is made with laminated particle boards, black H panel feer, and classic black oak finish. This will give you a fresh look at the strand. It also comes with a spot that you can place coasters, snacks, and remotes as the spot is a wide surface.
Ameriwood Home-Southlander TV Stand
This stand is what you need for a 55 inch TV. It also comes equipped with 2 adjustable heights, 3 shelves, and space to store your cable box, games, or DVDs.
Besides, the TV stand has step-back design shelves that provide you with a deeper space to store larger items.
Build material & Design
The TV stand comes with an elegant style and classic espresso finish. This TV stand also has a good size to support your large TV. It has been made with high-quality laminated particleboard for durability. The metallic black H panel feet give your TV stand a fresh look.

  • It has a wire management hole to keep cords organized
  • It comes with two doors conceal shelves
  • It holds a maximum of 65 inch TV
  • It is strong to support up to 120 lbs


  • The holds of the doors are not lined up properly, and you have to drill new holes
  • The furniture is not of high quality

Why is it best for 55”
With this Ameriwood Home Southerland Stand, it provides you a trendy spot you can place the TV. It is essential as even for a small room, it doesn’t take your valuable floor space. Besides, what you need is to have a stand that can accommodate your 55-inch flat-screen.

  1. PERLESMITH Universal TV Stand

The best 55 inch TV stands come installed with essential features. This PERLESMITH Universal TV stand is what you need. It features height adjustability. You can adjust 4 inches high and also tilt into 4 different positions.
The stand is easy to install and mount your TV on. It comes attached with an instruction manual for accurate installation.
PERLESMITH Universal TV Stand
This stand also has a mounting bracket that is compatible with most TV brands. With its black tempered glass, this TV stand gives you an added touch at the home theater system. In addition, this TV stand has been constructed with high quality material for durability and safety of your TV.
Build material & Design
The TV stand is made with high quality material for durability. The base of the stand comes with a tempered glass that gives you an added elegance at your house. The bracket that you mount on your TV is made with metallic material for the stability and security of your TV.

  • It can be used as a universal TV stand
  • It is easy to mount your TV
  • It is stable


  • It needs a tabletop to hold the stand

Why is it best for 55″
This stand is suitable to hold the 55 inch TV. It is suitable because it comes with an adjustable height that allows you to adjust for better watching. The other reason is that it is hassle-free when you want to install it. Anyone can easily install.

  1. FURINNO JAYA Large-Entertainment Stand

This type of stand is perfect for your 55 inch TV. It comes with a simple modern lifestyle. The panel is long enough to support the flat panel 50 inch TV. There are also open display shelves that you’ll use to hold your entertainment equipment. The stand also has two-door compartments where you can use to store loose stuff such as DVDs, games, and CDs.
FURINNO JAYA Large-Entertainment Stand
This stand is lightweight, space-saving, and easy to assemble. The manufacturer of this stand has compiled with green rules of production.
It comes well-designed with stable, durable, and medium density composite material.
Build material & Design
This stand is well designed and uses high quality material for stability and durability. It has been made with medium composite woods. For the PVC times, they have been made with recycled plastics and have been tested for durability. All the material used to make this TV stand have been produced and assembled from recycled material.

  • Large top panels for holding large TVs
  • It has open shelves to display storage
  • It comes with closed compartments for a great display
  • It is easy to assemble


  • It holds up to 50 lbs and therefore not the best
  • It can’t be used for larger TVs above 55 inches

Why is it best for 55”
All the materials that have made this stand are of high quality. It is therefore easy to clean as you need to use clean damped cloth. The TV stand also gives the decor you need to add in your living room. For assembling purposes, it is easy and, therefore, hassle-free.

  1. AVF SDC1140-A TV Stand

This AVF SDC1140-A TV Stand is attractive and versatile. It is of high quality, easy to assemble, and will virtually blend with any decor. This type of TV stand supports most of the flat screens TVs and weight of not more than 99 lbs. If the TV has a traditional pedestal base, the stand will be used for not more than 55 inches TV.
AVF SDC1140-A TV Stand
It has black tempered glass and chrome legs that help to provide you with durability. These types of corner TV stands for 55 inch have the corners of the angles that give you multiple room placement options to help maximize the space of your room. Additionally, on this TV stand, it comes with an open shelf design that provides you with excellent ventilation. This helps too, therefore, minimize overheating.
Build material & Design
The TV stand has been build with durable materials for stability. It comes with silver metal legs that give it the support. On top, the TV stand is well designed to provide an eye-catching look with its black tempered glass. It is sturdy and stable such that the bottom shelves can hold 44 lbs weight.

  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is budget-friendly
  • It is attractive and versatile
  • It comes with metallic legs


  • It doesn’t support all 55-inch models
  • It is less durable

Why is it best for 55”
This simple, attractive, and versatile type of TV stand is suitable for 55 inch TV. The stand is easy to assemble, made with high quality materials, and can blend well with your decor. The stand has been well designed to support 99 lbs and 55 inch TV.

  1. Farmhouse Barn-Wood Universal Stand

You need to have a TV stand that gives your living room a charming feel. This type of universal stand comes with concealed storage space and adjustable shelving that will fit the media and accessories.
The TV stand gives you a mix of modern and rustic farmhouse style. Its an entertainment center that has been made with highly durable and grade MDF. It will help support a wide range of TVs ranging up to 65 inches.
Farmhouse Barn-Wood Universal Stand
If this TV stand is used as a console, it helps to keep your living room neat. In addition, it gives the room a homespun feel.
Build material & Design
The TV stand has been made with high quality material. It comes with a durable and high-grade MDF surface to support your TV and other accessories. The design gives your house a homespun feel. This stand design will also give your living room a charm feeling and match perfectly with most decors.

  • It comes with cable management features
  • It has been made with high-grade MDF for durability
  • It has adjustable shelves
  • It supports large TVs and up to 250 lbs
  • It is sturdy and beautiful looking
  • It is easy to assemble


  • It is heavy

Why is it best for 55”
The stand is suitable for use with large TVs and can be used on your 55 inch TV. It has two shelves that you can use to store other accessories. The furniture is good looking and will be a good decor in the living room.

  1. Rfiver Universal Swivel-Floor Stand

Having a good TV stand is essential in your living room. Besides adding decor to the room, Rfiver Universal Stand also helps to secure your TV. With Rfiver Universal Stand, it allows you to keep the 55 inch TV safe.
The TV stand comes with adjustable shelves that you can store your accessories and other goods. It also comes equipped with a safe tempered glass base that adds touch to your house as it secures the TV.
Rfiver Universal Swivel-Floor Stand
The TV stand is also equipped with internal wire management that helps you to organize your cables and have a neat place. With a mount shivel of 60 degrees, this TV stand allows you to find the best viewing angle depending on the place you’re situated.
Build material & Design
This black TV stand 55 inch TV supporter has been made with an elegant tempered safety glass at the base. It also has an adjustable metal shelf that you can use to store other gadgets. The TV stand comes with a black powder steel frame that is coated and is ready to support the weight of a TV up to 110 lbs.

  • It comes with an adjustable height
  • It has a 60 degrees mount
  • Metallic support for safety
  • VESA compatible


  • Not suitable for small-sized TVs
  • It is not the cheapest

Why is it best for 55”
There are numerous features to consider before you pick cheap TV stands for 55 inch TVs. For this type of TV stand, it is worth picking. It gives you a mounted swivel of 60 degrees. It, therefore, means you will have the best viewing when sitting.

  1. Walker Edison Traditional Wood Universal Stand

Walker Edison is a good TV stand manufacturing company. With this Walker Edison Traditional wood Universal Stand, it comes equipped with some essential features. The TV stand has a transitional style and a flattering design. With burnished edges, this TV stand gives you an antique feel.
Walker Edison Traditional Wood Universal Stand
The TV stand has many places that it can be of use and for different purposes. When used in a living room, it acts as an entertainment center. The TV stand has been made with high quality material such as high-grade MDF and tempered glass. It comes with cabinets and shelves for additional storage purposes. This TV stand comes in six variation colors, giving you a chance to choose one matching with your decor.
Build material & Design
This TV stand comes with a transitional style and a flattering design. It has burnished edges to give you an antique feel. It also has tempered glass behind the cabinets where you can adjust the shelves. The well-designed body of this TV stand has been crafted using a high-grade MDF.

  • It is a beautiful furniture
  • It can be used for various options
  • It is stable and durable


  • It is not easy to install
  • Screw holes not perfectly aligned

Why is it best for 55”
This TV stand is best for a 55 inch TV. Besides having enough space at the top to put the TV, it brings a transitional feeling. It also comes with adjusting side and middle cabinets for easy fitting items inside.

  1. Pamari Wrangler Sliding Door TV Stand

You can entertain your family and friends in the living area with the use of this TV stand. It is elegant, well-constructed furniture that accommodates flat-screen TVs less than 60 inches and 75 lbs.
This TV stand has been constructed with black metallic hardware, adjustable shelf storage capacity, and barn style sliding doors. An integrated cable management system helps to hide and manage the unsightly wires and cables.
Pamari Wrangler Sliding Door TV Stand
It is easy for an experienced person to assemble as this TV stand comes with a manual. The open center shelves give you an essay to access and store other components.
Build material & Design
This piece of furniture is beautiful and comes with a sleek design. It has been made with a pleasing natural wood grain. The stand of this furniture uses black metal hardware. It has an old wood white finish where at the top, the TV stand has been installed with a Canyon Lake Pine.

  • Beautiful piece of furniture
  • Sturdy and sleek design
  • It is worth every penny
  • It has shelves for extra storage


  • It is not easy to set

Why is it best for 55″
This particular TV stand is worth it as it fits TV up to 60 inches. It also features shelves and two cabinets with sliding doors that can be used for extra storage purposes. There is a lot of space at the top where you can mount the television. It is also strong and durable.

  1. TAVR Glass Floor TV Stand

If you consider your TV accessories crucial as the TV itself, you want to have a TV stand that can stash your most exceptional accessories. This particular TV stand is equipped with useful features. The mount can fit various TV sizes between 32 – 55 inches. To ensure that the various TV models also fit perfectly, it has been designed to use the VESA bolt pattern.
TAVR Glass Floor TV Stand
This TV stand is also adjustable, and the mount will have three steps of the height adjustability. That would help in meeting the seating and different size requirements.
The shivel is a unique ability added in this stand that is not present in most TV stands. It helps you to rotate 45 degrees of your TV in each direction.
Build material & Design
This type of TV stand has been well constructed for stability and durability. The shelves are made with high quality tempered glass that is strong enough to support 33 lbs. The mount is metallic in nature and has a capacity of 110 lbs. It also comes with an aluminum tube for the management system where you can hide the messy cables.

  • Sturdy and easy to assemble
  • It has the best customer service
  • It supports 55 inch TV
  • It is durable and well designed


  • It is not suitable for TVs above 110 lbs

Why is it best for 55″
In your sitting room, the aesthetic of a TV stand is essential. Having large and clunky furniture for a TV stand might not be what you want. That will take much of your space, especially if you have a small room. This is why this 55 inch TV stand is most preferred.

  1. FITUEYES Floor TV Stand

Give your room a dashing modern style with the best TV stand for 55 inches. This FITUEYES Floor TV Stand comes equipped with a swivel mount height and adjustable stand base.
The TV stand comes with a cable management design. It, therefore, gives the user a wire management solution for the codes. The cable management also enhances a tidy entertainment space. The swivel and height adjustments allow you to watch the TV at an angle of 45 degrees.
This stand comes with an easy to clean surface. For robust cleaning, it is simple and convenient when you use a soft cloth.
The stand has been finished using high quality tempered glass, safety, durable, and that holds better.
Build material & Design
This FITUEYES Floor TV Stand has been finished using high quality materials. It comes with a high quality tempered glass that gives you durability and safety for use. It also consists of a black aluminum tube that has a cable management system where you can hide the messy cables. The shelves of this TV stand can hold 55 lbs and the top 110 lbs.

  • It is easy to assemble
  • It comes with highly durable material
  • It is easy to clean
  • Aesthetic and sturdy


  • Has the annoying cheap looking logo
  • Shallow shelves for a home theatre equipment

Why is it best for 55”
This mount is suitable for most TVs from 32 – 55 inches. So that your TV can fit perfectly, it has been made for VESA bolt pattern. It also has a swivel mount that gives a unique ability to shovel that others lack. You can swivel to watch the TV at 45 degrees from each direction.
How To Pick The Cheap TV Stands
There are many TV stands manufacturers. Some are budget-friendly and other expenses. If you choose a budget TV stand, there are available with different designs. Here are some tips for choosing cheap TV stands for 55 inch TV:

  • Comfortable Viewing Height

If you crane your neck to watch TV at an awkward angle for long, it gives you discomfort. With a TV stand, it should help to position the screen to view directly. For recommendation, the best height should be 42 inches. The best position, on the other hand, will depend on the height of your chairs or sofa.

  • The TV size & Width

When you are determined to have a 40 – 50 inch TV, think about the space, you need. If you have space, choose a TV stand that is wider than the display of the TV. This will prevent unnecessary overhang, and especially when positioned in the middle of the room. The stand should also be having sufficient weight capacity that can support the flat-screen TV.

  • The room layout

If you have an irregular or small room, you don’t need to sacrifice your dream TV. A swivel stand will help you get an optimal viewing angle, especially when the available space doesn’t line up with your seating comfort.
There are many corner TV stands for 55 inch TV. Such types will help to fit the big display at the compact spot.

  • Style

There are many TV stand manufacturers, and each has a different style. This lead to many styles in the market. Some differ as they come with decorative elements, shelves, and shapes. If you mix styles, it will lead to a confused decor. You need to stick to a TV stand that will perfectly blend with your aesthetic. For example, simple geometric lines with open shelves will capture the minimalistic feeling of contemporary space.

FAQ About The Best TV Stand

Why do I need to have a TV stand?
When you attach your TV on the stand, it will let you place in the right position and height. This gives you a comfortable viewing sitted on the sofa.
What should I look for when choosing a TV stand?
It depends on the size of the TV screen you have or intend to buy. There is the minimum recommended sizes and screen attachment system.
How should I attach my TV on the stand?
The TV stand you choose comes with a screen attachment system. This system also has a screw pack that is compatible with all models and types of screens.
The Final Verdict
You can find the cheap TV stands for 55 inch TV, but they come with different features. It will depend on the TV size, and with a 55 inch TV, you won’t lack the best unit. If you’re are also on a budget, there are numerous pocket-friendly models. You will get one that suits your budget.
Besides, the unit you choose is easy to assemble. It comes with an installation manual and necessary parts. The manufacturer focuses on durability. So, these TV stands are durable and secure to hold your TV.