CocoFax Review: Fax Online Made Easy

You’re here, it means that you are also a fax lover just like us. And you might as well know how hard it is to let go of something that has become a habit. Fax is just like a habit, an addiction that the admirers cannot give up.
Fax is something that has benefitted us for years. In the past days, it was the only means that could send and get your documents from anywhere for you. That is why those who have used faxing for years cannot seem to leave it. With faxing, not even a single second thought comes to their minds. It is because they are now used to getting the security advantages that fax gives.
As the era advanced and the time progressed, much new communication media came to the surface. However, not even a single one of them could deliver the safety aspects that the fax does. This is why the fax never died. For people who prefer security above anything else, fax is the only way they can trust. Hence they continue to use it like no other platform could fulfil their security needs.
However, faxing had one downside which made it diminish a little. And that is the impractical and unrealistic prerequisites that it requires. Things like fax machines, paper, and toner, etc. are no longer of any interest and are considered just a burden. However, if you read this article till the end, you will find out that these requirements are no longer needed as now faxing can be done even without them.
CocoFax – Faxing Is Just A Child’s Play With It
The easiest and most convenient faxing is only possible through CocoFax. You can now fax online with CocoFax within just minutes. CocoFax lets you have all the faxing services and features without any complicated or complex requirements. No longer is faxing a hassle now. In fact, it is as easy as a child’s play(once you know all about it).
CocoFax – Faxing Is Just A Child’s Play With It
CocoFax is one of those online fax services that deliver quality highlights for the purpose of faxing. And you can utilize them at an affordable cost. Before CocoFax, faxing was never this easy. It was a burdensome as well as a costly process at the time when CocoFax was not around. And furthermore, it was not a one-time investment, constant money was needed for the maintenance and upkeep of fax machines, paper, toner, and ink, etc.
But with CocoFax, things are different now. It has ended the need for necessities like fax machines and other mentioned above. No fax machine means no cost to buy them and none to maintain them.
CocoFax has also been reviewed by famous media outlets like the New York Times, PCMag, PC World and many more. Iilounge has also praised it well. About CocoFax, here is an article they wrote and published. No wonder, CocoFax has the largest client base than any other fax service in the world.
CocoFax has eased the way of faxing in every single way. It provides its superb features on multiple devices so that we can have a choice for picking the one suitable for us. Computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones, CocoFax has made all of them fax capable.

Pre-requisites for CocoFax

The time is gone when complicated requirements were a part of faxing. CocoFax requires just some simple things so that you can continue with faxing in the most favorable ways. Down below, is the list of these simple requirements.
Internet Connection: For online faxing, the internet is a must. Whether you are using CocoFax’s services or you’re using any other online fax service, the internet is always required in order to proceed with online faxing. Hence, you must make sure that the device you are using, be it a computer, mobile phone or any other gadget, it must have a strong and steady internet connection.
CocoFax Account: If you wish to use CocoFax’s services in order to fax through the internet easily, then you must be registered with it. And this can be done by signing-up through visiting its official website from any internet browser of yours.
While signing-up, CocoFax also provides an option of a 30-day free trial through which you can fax without paying even a cent for a month. After the free month, you must adhere to one of the subscription plans offered by CocoFax.
Fax Number: If you’re thinking that fax number is also a part of the older faxing techniques, then you are quite wrong. Fax number is like the destination address of the place where the fax is meant to go. With no fax number, it would have no idea where to go. Hence, a fax number is necessary.
However, this is not something to worry about. CocoFax provides you with a fax number without any difficulty. Moreover, this fax number is free of any charges.

How to Fax Online via CocoFax?

Well, we know you’re curious to know all about the process. Hence, without any further delay, let us start with the steps.
Step 1: As mentioned earlier that CocoFax account is a must-have hence, this would be the first thing that needs to be done. You need to create an account on CocoFax. This is not a problem at all. Just click on the button for a 30 day free trial and your registration process will start.
Step 2: During sign-up, you will get the free fax number that we mentioned before. Actually, this fax number is not given to you by CocoFax, you choose it yourself. No, there are no additional costs for picking your own fax number.
Step 3: Once you’re done with the sign-up, you will be taken to your personal dashboard where all your faxes will come and go. To compose a new fax, click on the button of the new fax and fill in all the subtleties in the new popped-up window.
The ‘To’ field is compulsory to fill. It is the place where the fax address of the person getting the fax will come. In the non-compulsory fields of ‘Subject’ and ‘Cover Page’, the top note and the content of the first page of the fax file will be written out respectively.
At last, attach the fax document and hit on the send button. You will be informed about whether your fax was safely delivered or not.
As you can see, faxing was never this easy without CocoFax. It is only through CocoFax that fax lovers get to enjoy quality and convenient faxing at affordable rates.