How to Fax Internationally

Increasing technology is playing a vital part in our lives. People are getting used to them in no time. Technological advancement has paved the way for the growth and development of nations.
When you try to communicate professionally, outside your region with your business partners or some other members in a short span of time, you need some mediums of conveying information. So, you fulfill this need through faxes.
Faxes are being used for many official purposes for years. It is a popular way of transmitting documents somewhere. Taking it convenient, professionals have been using it for a long time period. Nowadays a new technology has been evolved for sending documents through fax so; it’s really easy and accessible now.
Today you’re going to learn the proper systematic way of sending and receiving faxes throughout the world. Now you are not going to have any fax machine or telephone connection. In this modern era, we are going to introduce you with the latest, distinct, unique, affordable and safe fax service i.e. CocoFax
CocoFax-The Most Convenient Way to Fax Globally
You are going to have the best ever solution and product in this technological era and answers to all your worries through CocoFaxHow to fax internationally and to communicate your business and personal dealings in a better way is solved by this most reliable and safe medium of transmitting documents.
CocoFax is spreading like a wave these days. Looking at its benefits and advantages it is being recognized by the world’s most reputed newspapers and organizations i.e. New York Times, Forbes, Life wire and PCMag.
People are getting it easy and using CocoFax conveniently. Now faxing internationally is like sending a message to your neighbors.
Around the whole world, the approach to information and thought has not confined to some specific area and is available with quick access to data. CocoFax has got millions of users. Business professionals are excited to have the facility of this online fax service for their dealings.
You are not required to have any telephone connection or analog signals. The only thing you need is to have an internet connection. Try GoogleFaxFree for free in order to get complete info on this amazing fax service. This way you can use all of CocoFax’s amazing services with ease.
Things Required to Fax Internationally
As you are told before, the best part of using CocoFax is you do not require many things and more hardwares. Things you need are the simple ones. Let’s have a look at it.

  •       Online Fax Service

Online fax service is an intangible medium of sending your fax through the internet to another person’s fax machine. Moreover, you only sit at home and send your documents via your computer or phone with an online fax service.

  •       Fax Number

The other thing you require is the fax number by which you can send and receive faxes. Fortunately, you are going to get a free fax number from our best online fax service CocoFax.

  •       Exit Code

The next thing you need is the exit code which is entered at the beginning of the fax number. It depends upon the country from which you are likely to send a fax. If you are from the United States your exit code would be 011 followed by the fax number.

  •       International Country Code

It is the code that is used to determine the country to which the fax is being sent. It comes right after the exit code in the recipient’s fax address.

  •       Receiver’s Fax Address

This is the fax number of the person receiving the document on the other side. He has to share his fax number with you so that you can easily have the full address like this:
(Exit Code)(International Country Code)(Receiver’s Fax Number)
Let’s have a look at an example. Assume that you live in Finland and sending your fax to the person in Cuba with fax number 123456. Your fax address would be
99 1666 123456
The Procedure of Sending a Free Online International Fax
Sending a fax to some other country is not difficult now. CocoFax has made everything easy and possible. There are two ways of faxing internationally without using a fax machine or landline number.
Sending Fax by Web Browser
By following these steps one can easily fax through a web browser.
Step 1:  Get yourself registered with the CocoFax account. Now you are going to get a free trial for 30 days. Now there appears a CocoFax dashboard.
Step 2:  There is an option of Send Fax’ at the corner of this dashboard, by clicking this there comes a popup of new fax. New fax is then composed here. In the ‘To’ area you are going to put the address like this:
(Exit code)(Country Code)(Fax Number)
011 85 123456
After that there are two fields ‘Note’ and ‘Cover Page’ If you leave them unfilled, it’s OK as they are not mandatory. The note is displayed on the top of the document and the Cover page is shown as the first page of fax document on the receiver’s side.
Now comes the main thing i.e. attaching your document.  Click on the icon of a paper clip and fix your document thereby using CocoFax’s variety of formats like pdf, Docx, doc, png, jpg, Xls
Different articles can be attached in one fax and shown as a single one to the receiver.
Now just click at the ‘send’ button and CocoFax will transfer the fax at once. After that, you get a delivery report if the document is received by the recipient, even if it fails it reports about the status.
Sending Fax by Email
Step 1 Get yourself registered with the CocoFax account by using your email address. Now enjoy a complete 30 days free trial and choose the fax number of your own choice.
Step 2 The next is to open your client email. Compose a new email when the popup appears.
Enter the full fax address as mentioned earlier followed by “” which then appears like this:
(Exit code)(Country code)(Receiver’s fax number)(
e.g 001 63 123456
Sum up
As discussed in detail the procedure of sending and receiving faxes around the globe, now you can transmit your documents using the fastest, safe and reliable online faxing service i.e. CocoFax and enjoy your business communications internationally.