The 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Photographers

There was a time when photography was just a hobby for most. However, moving on to the modern-day era, it has become more of a profession. Websites and Social Medias have become an effective way to promote photography as a business. Therefore, we are going to talk about ‘The 15 best free WordPress Themes for Photographers‘. So what are the best photography themes for WordPress?
Let’s talk about it.

Best Free 15 Photography WordPress Themes

1. FotoGraphy

photgraphy WordPress theme
The number one on our list ‘FotoGraphy’ just blew our minds. It’s the most suitable theme you can use as a photography WordPress theme for free. It’s load with features and iThe 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Photographerst’s pretty powerful too. The design is sleek and clean.

Moreover, this website is a multipurpose one. Therefore, you can use it to make some other websites like portfolios too. The main homepage is well-organized and there are multiple layouts you can use and customize. It has great support for SEO too. Considering all these aspects, FotoGraphy is a really nice theme to use for photography on your website.

2. Tography Lite

photography WordPress Theme
A modern, unique and beautiful website theme that made it to our list is Tography Lite. It’s simple yet beautiful. You can express your ideas and your skills using this simple website. The reason is rather simple. With a minimal theme, everything will be content-focused.
Your audience will focus on content more. Moreover, Tography Lite is a lightweight theme using which you can create an attractive website on the go. It has got an attractive and responsive design. It also has CSS animations and Gallery layouts to portray awesomeness.

3. Pixgraphy

photography wordpress theme
Another responsive and unique yet free theme that made it on today’s list is ‘PixGraphy’ Pixgraphy comes in the name of elegance and the features it provides are uncanny.

It has cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. Your content will look good no matter what browser or what device you’re viewing the stuff of. Moreover, you can just download it because it’s free. You also get an SEO friendly design and a handful of layouts to choose from.
It’s WooCommerce supported, so if you want to sell your photographs in an easy and powerful way, it’s possible. These are the reasons why we think that Pixgraphy is a great photography WordPress theme.

4. EightPhoto

photgraphy WordPress theme
There are themes that make you go like ‘WOAH!!’. Well, EightPhoto is one of them. It’s a free WordPress theme for the photographer and for people who want to showcase their photos on the internet.

It has a modern and clean design that is perfectly photography oriented. Moreover, you have a handful of features and functions too. With the use of live Customizer, you can do everything and see the results in real-time. It’s a fully responsive and easy to use photography WordPress theme with awesome functionalities.

5. Quest

photography wordpress theme
Another awesome photography theme is ‘Quest’. It’s simple and easy to use but a powerful WordPress tool that is super flexible. You get a lot of customization from this theme. It’s an overall great theme if you want to showcase your photography.
As a photographer, your creativity must be really cool. Therefore, you can customize the theme using your creativity to build it according to your liking. The best thing about this theme is that it’s made with bootstrap framework. So you don’t need to worry about speed and responsiveness.

It has a drag and drops page builder option and there are custom layouts to choose from. You get an image slider and image gallery too. Considering all these aspects, this theme is the perfect photography WordPress theme.

6. RokoPhoto Lite

photography WordPress theme
A unique and exquisite theme on our list today is ‘RokoPhoto Lite’. It’s a beautifully designed theme for photographers or photobloggers. It’s pretty much minimal and lightweight to use. There are a lot of features you can use with this theme.
The customization is only limited t your creativity. Moreover, you can easily make changes and save the changes when you’re done. The design is cross-browser and cross-device friendly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about how your device will look on various devices.

7. Canard

photography WordPress theme
Another theme that blew our minds was ‘Canard. It’s an amazing yet free photography WordPress theme that you can use easily. The theme is designed by WordPress by themselves for a multipurpose theme.

The theme is flexible and customizable overall for photography and other blogs too. You also get a lot of awesome layouts to choose from. You just have to insert the website content and your photography essentials to get started on your new website.
The website is fully responsive and SEO friendly, With all these positive aspects, this theme made to our list today.

8. Photolab

Another super flexible free photography WordPress theme on our list is Photolab. It has a unique, clean, and straightforward design. It has the potential to attract visitors to your website. The interface is clean and responsive to look at.
Moreover, you also get a smooth parallax effect in the header so that your website will look more appealing and attractive for the visitors. You also get an Admin panel to manage things. It has a customizable layout too. And it’s SEO optimized.

9. Infinite Photography

As the name suggests, Infinite Photography takes things to the next level. It has a highly unique and responsive interface that is fully free. Moreover, if you want a beautifully designed theme then infinite photography is awesome for you.
It is compatible with all devices and most of the browsers. The theme has responsive design and the customization factor is awesome too. You also have multiple layouts to choose from and customize. Also, you get a sidebar option to put widgets or ads.

10. Artwork Lite

Innovation was their focus while making this theme. The artwork is a perfect example of sophistication and innovation in a photography WordPress theme. You get all the basic features that you need to complete a photography WordPress website. However, the theme is mostly suitable for professionals and people with class.

You can showcase your artworks and other posts on the front page that will give the users a better appealing experience of your website. Moreover, it’s simple and clean. Also, it’s simple to use with some of the best features, and customization is endless. From color selection to item’s description, everything is possible.

11. Bold Photography

photography WordPress theme
Another multipurpose theme on our list is Bold Photography. However, it is a dark photography WordPress theme. This theme is to take things on a dark yet bold level. The website has a very sleek design and customization is vast too. With the use of your creativity, you can use it according to your liking.

There are some features that this theme provides and they are Portfolio, Services, and others. You get a lot of theme options. Bold Photography has a bold design overall. The best thing about this theme is that it has great developing support. Considering all the features and pros, this is one of the best photography WordPress themes.

12. PhotoBlogger

As the name says, this theme is great for Photobloggers. You can attract a lot of people using this awesome theme. This is due to the creativity in-built in this theme. Everything is portrayed in an elegant way. With all the modern features, this website is an awesome choice if you want to get started with photo blogging.
It has a minimal design and customization is awesome too. The theme is cross-browser compatible which means that it’ll look good everywhere.

13. VW Photography

As a photographer, it’s better to go with the minimal theme. This is because well-organized things in a stylish manner take things to a whole new level. It because to showcase your photography, the main focus should be the photos. Therefore, clean photos are always better.
It has a cross-browser compatible theme and it’s translation ready too. SEO is another positive factor in this theme. All in all, it’s a great theme in terms of look and feels and responsiveness.

14. Olsen Light

Another modern free WordPress theme for photography is Olsen light. It has a photographic layout that is perfect for showcasing images. It has an overall clean and attractive design coupled with the best functionalities and features. There are some widget options and great fonts to choose from.
The website is translation ready and SEO friendly. If you want a clean and responsive photography WordPress theme then Olsen light is there for you. It’s FREE!
Beautiful is the first thing that comes out of my mind when I think of Olsen Light. It’s really attractive if we talk about the visuals.

15. Great

So what’s great? Great is great. I apologize for the corny line. However, the website is a great free photography WordPress theme. It has an exquisite theme that you can use to create a WordPress website. It has a high level of customization factor. Therefore, you can do a lot with this theme.
It’s a multipurpose one and you can create other websites like portfolio, health, and travel with Great too. Moreover, there’s nothing much to talk about the theme though.