The 15 Best Free eCommerce Shopping Themes for WordPress

Building an eCommerce website can be tiring. But what’s more tiring is choosing the theme. So, what are the best eCommerce themes for WordPress? We are here to tell you the “15 Best Free eCommerce & Shopping Themes for WordPress”.

15 Best Free eCommerce themes for WordPress

All these themes are SEO friendly and support various WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and others that will help you in showcasing and selling your products. Therefore, let’s begin with our list.

1. eCommerce Gem

eCommerce themes for WordPress
Most attractive to showcase and sell your products is eCommerce Gem. It’s a free theme that’s ideal for opening an eCommerce Website. So why is that? It uses a header and banner image to show information like the shopping cart or social media links too. Moreover, there’s a contact details section too.

The theme works greatly with WooCommerce and it can be used for making websites of other types too. With eCommerce Gem, you just have to install the WooCommerce plugin and you have a fully working eCommerce WordPress website. This theme is free but you can download the premium one to go all out too. Considering all these features, eCommerce Gem is top on our list of best eCommerce themes for WordPress.

2. EStore 

eCommerce WordPress themes
This theme was developed by ThemeGrills. You can download it free to open a WordPress website for eCommerce. However, if you want to take things on the next level, you can already upgrade it to a premium version that is for 69$. It’s pretty much worth it though.
It’s compatible with eCommerce plugins on WordPress which makes it even cooler. Therefore, it’s simple to open up a website for eCommerce on WordPress using the EStore theme. It has an exquisite and responsive design that makes it cross-browser and cross-platform theme.

The theme offers 10 widget areas to keep your content or to integrate ads in them. Customization is pretty much unbeatable. You can change anything from primary color to custom CSS code to make your website even better. Considering all these aspects, EStore made it in our list of best eCommerce WordPress themes.

3. Digi Store Lite

eCommerce WordPress themes
Digi Store Lite is another super powerful and flexible theme for online marketing of your products. This takes things to the next level whether it’s digital marketing of your websites. The best thing about this is that it’s compatible with the eCommerce plugins of WordPress. Therefore, it has never been easier to sell your own products.

It’s a completely responsive WordPress theme that is cross-browser and cross-platform. This means that all your content will look good on different browsers and different devices. As the name suggests, it’s better to open an online digital store as your website. Considering all these aspects, Digi Store Lite made it in our list of best eCommerce Shopping WordPress themes.

5. Vantage

eCommerce WordPress themes
Taking things up to the next level, Vantage is another perfect theme for an eCommerce store. This is because it offers a lot of eCommerce features that you must need in order to open your online store. It has a great slider, a headline text that makes things prettier and beautiful to look at.

The basic concept of Vantage is that it is made by taking advantage of some of the best free eCommerce WordPress plugins and integrating it into a theme. Considering all these awesome aspects of this theme, Vantage made it on our best eCommerce WordPress themes.

6. Envo eCommerce

eCommerce WordPress themes
Envo eCommerce takes things towards a more vivid and bright side. You get a more than better design theme to showcase your product. Basically, it’s all about beauty and class. In my opinion, Envo can be used for online clothing brand sites.
Moreover, you get a handful of customization features too. It’s also compatible with one of the famous theme builders such as Divi, Elementor, or Beaver Page builder. All credit goes to the designer who designed this theme. The theme is just perfect to look at.

7. Intuition

eCommerce WordPress themes
The name leaks elegance and glamour. Intuition can be used for any type of website business. Therefore, if you’re looking for a website that will fit in your business, you’ve good this awesome option of Intuition.
Moreover, you get a ton of options for customization too. From the selection of any color to customize almost all aspects of your website, it’s possible. There are five sidebar layouts where you can show ads or fit in some of the widgets too. The theme supports WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins too. It’s a more than good WordPress theme to start your website.

8. Store Commerce

One of the most powerful WordPress theme on our list today, Store Commerce is an awesome theme for kickstarting your online business of eCommerce. However, it’s better if you stick with the fashion and jewelry type of website.
The reason is simple. It’s because the website is oriented towards a fashion side. You can also go with food, a photo store or gadget side of things too. The flexibility is endless. With great user experience and customization features, Store Commerce is a great eCommerce WordPress themes for you.

9. AyoShop

Made with the genuine Genesis Framework, you can expect perfection. If you want to go all out with setting up a WordPress eCommerce theme, then AyoShop is a great option too. The design is beautiful and it uses a lot of whitespaces to get started. It has a clean look due to those white spaces too. And you can use these white spaces to add ads and other stuff too. You can use it according to your branding. The flexibility is uncanny too. This is because you can do anything you want with the look and feel of the website. The best thing about this theme is that you can view everything when customizing in real-time.

10. eCommerce Market 

Based on the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, the eCommerce Market is a great theme for opening an online store. The theme is a multipurpose one. Therefore, you can customize it to your liking.  Whether you want to sell some digital products online or you want to open up a fashion WordPress website store, eCommerce Market has pretty much got you covered.  With its awesome functionalities and features, we think that the eCommerce Market is another great free eCommerce WordPress theme.

11. EightLite Store

The front end of the theme is impressive and you’ll find what you won’t find on any other websites. The visual interface is something that is quite exceptional. With large headers and images, you will find it pretty interesting. Opening an online store isn’t even a problem with this theme. Due to it’s awesome and exquisite design, your audience will find everything super interesting. it’ll be a whole lot of sales that you’ll be dealing with all over your website. Moreover, the simplicity factor is another great factor where this theme outshines. Therefore, it’s another great eCommerce WordPress theme you can find to this date.

12. AStore

A simple yet modern WordPress theme, AStore is perfect for opening an eCommerce store. If supports all the eCommerce plugins that you can use and implement in your website. Moreover, it’s even compatible with some of the most popular theme builders like Divi, Elementor, Beaver Page Builder. Using the complete drag and drop function, making a website is super easy. This is why AStore is on our list of today.

13. NanoShop Lite

Best for showcasing digital products, NanoShop lite is perfect for you. It’s a perfect, lightweight theme that you can use to sell products on your website. Moreover, NanoShop lite has great SEO compatibility too.
Plugins like WooCommerce is fully supported. This plugin is the main selling point or most of your products. Therefore, NanoShope lite is a great eCommerce WordPress theme.

14. Make

Make is a beautifully designed theme for opening an online store. With its impressive list of functions and the support for most eCommerce related plugins, this theme just goes bozos. It’s a pretty flexible and exquisite theme.
The support for drag and drop builders like Elementor, Divi and Beaver page builder. From portfolio building to showcasing some of the most awesome products, Make just makes your life easier. Therefore, Make is a highly recommended WordPress theme if you want to begin an eCommerce website for your business.

15. Online Shop

Online shop is best for online shopping. As the name says, the theme focuses on selling your products. Moreover, you can sell any type of product you want too. The website can be customized in any other category too. It has some of the most powerful customization aspects and functionalities on the website. It runs easily on WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins. Moreover, you get a full-fledged slider and widget options to choose from. There are dedicated headers and advertisement options. Therefore, Online Shop is another best eCommerce WordPress theme.