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Different Ways To Sell On Amazon For The Best Results

Today, many sources provide different ways to sell on Amazon for your success. Well, there are different ways. However, “different” is applicable in the same way there are different ways to use your hands. Nothing is exactly definite. At least for the most part. Therefore, this article details the different ways to sell on Amazon that will give you the best results. However, you have to be willing to work towards these results.

So, what are these “different ways to sell on Amazon”? Well, first we should explain why you need to know these methods. Well, firstly, it’s an opportunity that’s quite hard to pass up. To have the chance to sell items on Amazon is a great deal.
The main draw that compels people towards selling on Amazon is the chance of becoming a part of the enormous traffic stream that Amazon attracts from all over the world. Buyers on Amazon are what make this business such a success. As a result of these massive amounts of buyers, there are 95 million Amazon Prime members right now.

So, for a lot of people, the chance to sell items on Amazon prime or the regular platform is challenging to resist. Amazon also has a platform with the most considerable following that contains repeat buyers. Data from statistics show that roughly 50% of Amazon’s sales are through Marketplace sellers alone. So, it’s no wonder you, the reader, and many other sellers want to capitalize on this. It’s a smart decision.
This article will detail the ways we have researched, surveyed, and experienced over time. These different ways to sell items on Amazon are what will help you decide how to use your platform for great results.

Essential Tools Needed To Sell Items On Amazon

Firstly, you must understand that you need to set up some specific tools that will get you acquainted with the world of selling items on Amazon.com.

  • You need an Amazon Associates Account. This account is what will help you earn your commissions for your sold items on Amazon.
  • Additionally, you also need to have an Amazon seller account which will enable you to sell products directly through Amazon’s platform.
  • Ahrefs is a resource that allows you to research keywords and find SEO information to help your website and optimize your product listings.
  • You also need a JungleScout Account. JungleScout is a resource that helps affiliate marketers to get the right affiliate niche ideas for products that are hot on Amazon.
  • Lastly, you also have to possess the drive to create a lineup of profitable products to sell to your audience successfully.

When you sell products online, you have to be ready to test new things regularly. This is an important task that can be time-consuming. So, be prepared for things not to go your way at the start.
Also, the line-up of products you have should be reliable for you to keep going on in the face of any issues. On that note, you need a burning passion for your field. As a result of this, you can successfully predict trends and have a good point of view for your customers.

1. Find out what products your niche leaders are pushing

As an Amazon seller, you need to focus your efforts on products that can sell. So, how do you successfully do this? Well, most leaders and authorities have websites that promote affiliate links.
These websites probably have an experienced team of marketers that discover the best tricks and tips necessary to sell on Amazon. A wise seller will find the top sites that promote products similar to theirs.

How to find the best and proven products from your competitors

  1. Find the best publishers in your niche and product space; search for them on Ahrefs.
  2. Check the outgoing links from the website.
  3. Ensure you sort by linked domains for you to find out the number of links sent to Amazon.
  4. Check the links for anchor texts that will indicate the products linked.

For example, if you check a website like AndroidAuthority.com, you can identify the main Amazon Affiliate links that they give their viewers. There are commissions for these Amazon affiliate links that go to the website. So, you can be sure that the products they are promoting are reliable.

When you can successfully utilize these links, you ensure that you receive a good commission for the sales. Therefore, a habit like this will get you involved with the mentality of the best authorities in your space.
Furthermore, it’s best if you have considerations towards seasonal spikes in sales. Some items are best to avoid if they only sell a few times during the year. So, you have to make the right decision. If you still believe in those seasonal products, you have to be ready for the time when the spikes occur.

2. Find Market Gaps To Capitalize On With Product Reviews

Currently, online sales of physical products is an industry worth over 1 trillion dollars in sales. So, combined with digital products, this number is reaching astronomical levels. A great way of finding out the products that will receive sales is through the customer reviews they receive. When you check the reviews, you have to look beyond the stars. Literally. Read what users are complaining about or praising.
When you do this, the time will come for you to create your products. So, what customers are complaining about are worth prioritizing in your design. Consequently, you can create a product ahead of the competition.

Different ways to sell on Amazon
Amazon Review Example

For example, the review above for a monitor stand is criticizing the difficulty it takes to assemble the stand. For your product, you could make this process seamless for users.
Also, when you are finding a category, you always have to target the best sellers. This process determines how Amazon will calculate seller ranks.

3. Find Listings With Few Customer Reviews

On Amazon, a great way to successfully sell items on Amazon marketplace is to have your item on the beginning of search results. So, you should aim to appear on the front page of customers’ searches.
Also, try to look for products with customer reviews between 30 to 50. When you do this, you can find products with top customer reviews that are relatively few. So, you can ensure that your competition is not astronomically high.
When you find out how many items sold on Amazon have reviews, you can look at the competition. Products are ranked mostly based on reviews. So, when competing products have fewer reviews, you have a higher likelihood to climb up the ranks once you generate sales.

Different ways to sell on Amazon
Watch Bands

For example, these watch bands have a low review rate at the top. Therefore, you have the opportunity to climb up the rankings if you create your listings.
However, you should ensure that your competition is worth learning from. Therefore, take note of their customer review moderation tactics. Also, learn how they generate these reviews. Why? If you can emulate this, you can find success with your listings, instead of making mistakes that have happened before.

4. Food Is A Rising Product Worth Selling On Amazon Now

On Amazon, there is now a new group of directories. These directories are for to selling food and the eCommerce category of Amazon. And, many resources exist to provide guides that will inform you on the foods that are gaining or losing popularity.
Many valuable food items are considered that way due to their healthiness compared to many other things on the market. So, you should aim for the more health-conscious buyers.

Once you do this, you’ll find that they are more willing to provide the money to live a healthy life. So, when you have items that are perceived as healthy, you can quickly join a profitable trend.
When you’re drawn towards trends, Google Trends is a great resource to help. For example, Google Trend can tell you what is increasing or decreasing in popularity over the years.

A market like healthy food is extremely diverse. Therefore, it could take years to get a full inventory that contains products for every need. But, as it stands, inventory is not a necessity to make money from Amazon Foods.
A great way to increase your profit through Amazon foods is to get involved with it as one of your amazon affiliate niche ideas. This will help you earn profits from other food products as well.

For you to get involved with healthy foods as a business, it’s best to take an approach that consists of selling your products on Amazon. After this, you should market your products with a good affiliate marketing website. Once this is done, you can generate traffic, build some credibility that will help when you sell items on the Amazon marketplace.


In conclusion, Amazon has a platform that is extremely good for sellers. So, ensure you can harness this platform for the best results. Also, be ready to learn throughout the process. If you can do this, you will be ahead of the majority of your competition.
Do you plan on implementing these different ways to sell on Amazon? Tell us below!