The 20 Best Free Personal Blog Themes for WordPress

Are you a personal blogger and using WordPress for your blog? Well, choosing a personal blog theme has never been easier. It’s because we are going to help you choose a theme from ‘The 20 Best Free Personal Blog WordPress themes’.
Let’s get right into the themes.

Top 20 Personal Blog WordPress themes

1. Madd Magazine

personal blog wordpress theme
We’ve talked about Madd Magazine before, and we are going to talk about it now. It a unique yet responsive WordPress theme for personal blogs, magazines, and news websites. It has a dedicated image and video option that is perfect for customization. Moreover, with it’s left and right sidebar, you can easily put widgets or ads for your personal blog. It’s a fully responsive and SEO friendly theme great for bloggers. This is the reason why it’s on our list of best personal blog WordPress themes.

2. Great Mag

personal blog wordpress theme
If you’re a blogger that prefers simplicity and minimalism then Great Mag is all yours. It’s a simple and responsive personal blog WordPress theme that is awesome. You can build a personal blog or news site in just a matter of clicks.
It also comes with a lot of features for customization. From color options to widgets, customization is really a thing in which Great Mag shines. This is why it’s recommended for personal blog use.

3. Baltazar Lite

personal blog wordpress theme
Yet another free WordPress theme that is perfect for a personal blog is Baltazar Lite. Literally, the theme is so flexible that you can customize it to any type of blog you want. From lifestyle to fashion, the possibilities are endless.
The main focus of this theme is typography and boldness. Moreover, it’s an SEO friendly theme meaning that you can have the traffic coming to your website. It also has some pre-built templates for your website. This is why Baltazar Lite is a perfect personal blog WordPress theme.

4. Read More

personal blog wordpress theme
Read More is a super simple and beautiful website theme that you can use to build up a personal WordPress blog. This theme is SEO friendly right off the bat. The layout is super impressive and customization is unlimited. If you want to start, there are pre-built templates for you which you can customize too. The well-crafted and user-friendly theme, Read More is another perfect personal blog WordPress theme.

5. Bloksy

personal blog WordPress theme
Blosky is a super lightweight and simple theme to choose as your personal blog WordPress theme. By the use of sheer hard work, this WordPress theme was made responsive and customizable.
You have the option to create any type of website possible. From personal blogs to news and lifestyle, bloksy is super flexible. It is also compatible with various page builders like Elementor or Beaven Builder. Therefore, Bloksy is another theme to choose if you want a simple blog yet responsive and powerful.

6. Myself

personal blog WordPress theme
As the name suggests, It’s all about yourself. Perfect for personal bloggers, it’s an awesome way to showcase and display your skills. It’s a super responsive and great looking website. Moreover, it’s an SEO friendly and cross-device platform too. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to worry about viewing it on various devices. You have a clean sidebar so if you want to set widgets or even ads, it’s not even a problem. Myself is a must for you if you want a clean and attractive personal blog WordPress theme.

7. Pro Blogg

personal blog wordpress theme
Build for Pro bloggers, Pro Blogg is the home to professionalism. Especially for writers, this theme just rocks. With minimal and beautiful design, this theme provides a great chance for you to outshine from the rest of the competition.
It has a slider that displays most of the posts on the homepage. Pretty cool, isn’t it? This theme has a premium version as well. So if you want to take things to the next level, you can.

8. Kent

personal blog wordpress theme
This theme focuses mainly on writers. If you have a personal blog for writing, Kent is just perfect for you. If you have a website that is mainly focused on storytelling then kent is the perfect personal blog WordPress theme for you.
It has a custom header, footer, and social media links too. So you can customize it according to your liking.

9. Everly Lite

Storytelling and writing is popular in personal blogging. So if you like that kind of content on your website, Everly lite is an awesome choice. Customizing this theme is simple without any knowledge of coding. If you use this simple theme, then it should fit right in any kind of content you are writing.
Retina friendly and fully responsive, what more can you want from a theme? With multiple pre-built templates and layouts to choose from, this takes customization to the next level.

10. Gist

You get a whole ton of features in Gist. Therefore, all these features make it perfect for a blogging website. You can get endlessly creative with the use of Gist. You have many Google Fonts to choose from. Also, you have unlimited color choices.
You get a dedicated sidebar and social media integration. But wait! There’s more. The website theme itself is so readable that everyone can easily find what they want. There are search options and a lot of widgets too.

11. Neila

The ideal WordPress theme for personal WordPress bloggers is Neila. From lifestyle to fashion, this theme is ideal for everyone. The theme is stylish and clean looking. I can see that every aspect of this theme was designed with care and precision.
It’s an SEO and mobile-friendly theme. Therefore, you should not worry about getting traffic on your website and everything will look good on any screen size. It’s an overall appealing personal blog WordPress theme.

12. Ignite

A clean and responsive theme that made it on our list is Ignite. Ideal for a personal blogging website, Ignite is a beautifully designed theme. You get a sidebar to put everything. Moreover, it’s super reading oriented.
This theme also comes with a premium version so you can use it to take things to the next level. All in all, it’s great for a simple and clean look for your website.

13. Flat

With strong typographic features, Flat made it in our list of the personal blog WordPress theme. It has a great unique sidebar for putting a list or ads too. There are some nice proportions and grids that you can further customize to make it look exactly how you want it to be.
Moreover, if you want an aesthetically pleasing design for your website then Flat is a must-have for your blog. Your content will be shown beautifully and in an exquisite manner.

14. Studio

Studio is a unique and beautifully designed modern WordPress theme for bloggers. The theme itself is clean and it’s free. Moreover, the theme itself is developed by an admin of WordPress himself.
Now, you should know how cool and clean this WordPress theme will look. The theme is packed with a ton of features to choose from. From widgets to color options, everything is customizable. All these conditions make it perfect for a personal blog WordPress theme

15. Tracks

The main purpose of this theme is to take things on a more viewable level. Meaning that this theme is made to showcase your content first. The layout is clean and simple, Moreover, it looks amazing too.
It is SEO friendly and has cross-browser support. Moreover, it’s super minimal too. So if you want a clean looking website then Tracks is another ideal theme for you.

16. BuzzBlog

BuzzBlog is a great simple theme for bloggers. It’s a simple and personal blog theme for WordPress. If you want to write stories like some of the popular websites called BuzzFeed. Moreover, it’s totally responsive and customizable.It is a cross-browser and cross-device theme that will adapt to your liking. Moreover, it’s plenty fast and responsive too. You should grab it if you want a simple theme.

17. Wilson

A clean, simple, and responsive theme that is made by an awesome developer is ‘Wilson’. It’s a free theme and it’s perfect for blogging. From personal sites to any sort of blogging, Wilson just outshines everything. Moreover, there are a lot of features too. There is custom logo support and custom widget support too. If you want readability to the fullest and overall awesome experience. Wilson is the perfect personal blog WordPress theme.

18. Fukasawa 

The main focus of this theme is responsiveness. It is a minimal theme to the fullest. This theme is ready for photographers and to showcase various products. It’s a retina-ready theme. Moreover, you get a lot of customization options too.
Literally, every element of your theme is customizable and you can do anything you want with this theme. The best thing about this theme is that it supports the jetpack infinite scroll so that you can see more and more posts.

19. Anariel

Looking for a minimal yet responsive theme? Well, Anariel has got it covered for you. With its minimal design and nicely done work, it is a great personal blog WordPress theme. Well, if you want to start an awesome newly built WordPress blog, then Anariel is ideal for you.
It has a very modern and classy look to it. So Anariel is an ideal newly starting personal blog WordPress theme. The demo is free and you can purchase the full theme if you’d like.

20. GeneratePress

One of the most optimized theme and responsive to our list is GeneratePass. It has many functions and it supports WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce etc. It is a translation ready WordPress theme and is highly SEO optimized too. You even et whopping 5 sidebar layouts to choose from. All in all, it’s a good personal blog WordPress theme.